The political landscape of the 2020 election was rocked in early March with the emergence of the COVID-19 global pandemic. The shutdowns and media-inspired hysteria slammed the sky-rocketing Trump economy to a grinding halt.

For a few months, it appeared that COVID-19 would permanently alter the political landscape for 2020 and provide Democrats with an opening – as Trump’s strongest political card, the economy, appeared to become a liability.

Then, thanks to President Trump’s leadership and the ingenuity and tenacity of the American worker, the economy roared back, even in the midst of the pandemic. The economy, which bottomed out in April, began a dramatic recovery in May.

Democrats Need a New Issue to Run On

Suddenly, the Democrats opening on the economy seemed to be slipping away, and with it their chances of capturing the White House, holding the House, and retaking the Senate in November of 2020.

But, just as the economy began to rebound in early June, Democrats would be handed another possible political opening to exploit in the death of George Floyd.

In the immediate aftermath of Floyd’s death there was an opportunity for the country to come together and have a meaningful and productive conversation about race, police tactics, and reform. The Democrats could have worked with Republicans and with President Trump to pass a package of common sense reforms and begin some much-needed national healing.

Democrats, however, were far more thirsty for political wins in November than they were for substantive policy wins in June. And as the protests grew more violent due to Black Lives Matter and “Antifa” radicals, peaceful protests quickly morphed into violent riots.

It’s at this moment that Democrats made their Faustian bargain.

Democrats’ Embrace of Black Lives Matter

They made the cold, crass and calculated decision to do nothing to reign in the anarchy and violence, believing that by fomenting racial unrest they would cripple President Trump politically.

Democratic Mayors and Governors ignored their own stay at home orders, disregarded their own social distancing requirements, and generally pretended that protestors were immune to COVID-19.

Democratic politicians in Washington – aided by their allies in the media – continued to insist the protests were peaceful, despite video after video displaying the utter chaos and violence.

Over and over again, the American people were told these were peaceful protests, focused on racial inequality, and that the only way to bring about social justice was to vote for Democrats.

At first, the political gamble seemed like a good one, as President Trump’s approval rating began to dip in June and July, and Joe Biden appeared to be building a large, if not insurmountable lead in the polls.

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  • Does anyone else find it creepy that Liberals all think, believe, and act alike?  I mean IDENTICALLY alike!  If you hand a Liberal a kitten and he says it's a bird, ALL Liberals will say it's a bird and admire it's feathers. The odds against such an anomaly are a million to one, it is just mathematically impossible, yet it's true. Conservatives argue and disagree all the time, which is exactly why the Left always seems to WIN.  So what IS it? Drugs? Hypnosis? MKUltra? Or at worst, Demonic Possession?  It's a worrisome and dangerous phenomena.

  • "...........then the RNC conducted their so classy National Convention which even furthered Trumps lead.  I feel now it is nothing more than a you can look on Youtube and see all you know about landslides.  Once it will consume everything in its path.  So the dems have been forwarned well ahead of time.....get out of the way as the landslide coming will get your ass...! sorry is apparent you did not get the word....just as a courtesy...I am letting you know that Donald J Trump is your president now....get it...??   We conservatives are not the silent majority any longer, as we woke up and definitely did smell the coffee.   See ya.....!!

  • the irony of the democratic party supporting blm is that the democratic party also supports planned parenthood, which was created by margaret sanger who was very prejudiced against blacks. she admired hitler greatly  and was inspired to create abortion clinics after seeing a concentration camp. 

  • The facts are that BLM is funded and managed by the Democrat Party thru their radical piggy bank, and marxist organization Active Blue. Huge trucks with BLM ensignia across their trailers have been sighted parked and guarded by armed personell across the nation in obscure parking lots. Nothing but punk ass wannabe thugs bought and paid for Demotwits!

  • The Democrats are apparently incapable of working with anyone who does not support their Marxist big government agenda. And ALL good government is local; that is why the Founders strictly limited the powers of the central federal government in our Constitution.  I would have our politicians loyal to that founding document rather than pledge allegiance to any political party. Aren't they required to take a solemn oath to that effect?  Therefore, it is imperative that all good citizens call, email or write their local representatives and other elected officials to let their loyalty be known. Nothing terrifies a liberal Democrat politician more than a flood of constituents who firmly, politely and persistently voice their objections to that party's agenda.

    • Yeah, that worked real good with Mao, and Stalin... we are dealing with radical Marxist in many of our government agencies... they don't care what the people want, it is all about power and enforcing their Marxist views on everyone or ID'ing and eliminating those who will not take a knee to communism.

    • We have elections in this country that have worked reasonably well for almost 250 years, and also why it is important to work within the system to prevent these radicals from getting into positions of power. We defeated the Clinton-Obama socialist Democrat machine against all the odds and projections of the mainstream media, and we can do it again, without firing a shot.  That is, unless one of these looney-tunes decides it a good idea to terrorize a neighborhood of 2nd Amendment supporters. It is critical that we do not allow the radical socialists to push us over the cliff into lawless unrest and anarchy, as that is the dynamic that was successfully used by Mao and Stalin to justify a forcible crack down on everyone by their loyal followers. I still believe that there are many more of us than there are of them.

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