Democrats: only police should have guns Democrats: defund ...

“Defund the police” has become a popular phrase among leftist activists, gaining momentum during a rash of Black Lives Matter protests and riots last summer following the police-custody death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May 2020.

As news of these protests spread through the media, local governments across the country quickly started acquiescing to the demand. Cities such as New York and Los Angeles significantly cut cut funding for their police departments, while Minneapolis City Council went further, introducing a measure to try and outright abolish and replace its police department.

According to former Arizona police officer Brandon Tatum, author of the upcoming book, “Beaten Black and Blue: Being a Black Cop in an America Under Siege,” there is a broader agenda behind the “Defund the Police” movement.

“I believe it’s an agenda to completely destroy and dismantle local police departments so that the government can have control of law enforcement in this country and push a nationwide agenda,” Tatum told Jan Jekielek, host of EpochTV’s “American Thought Leaders” program.

Tatum explained that if law enforcement is federalized and there are unconstitutional mandates or restrictions, such as those involving vaccines or guns, the federal government will be able to enforce those directives more easily.

“I believe that the government has a lot more leverage federalizing these agencies, and that’s the end goal,” he added. “I don’t believe it has anything to do with racism, police brutality … That is a talking point to push an even bigger agenda.”

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  • We're being overthrown?..................NO KIDDING!!!!

  • Demonrats are destroying America after. It is such a disgrace right after Trump made America great again. Does anyone remember how great America was under Trump? It seems so long ago.

  • The Swamp always has a broader agenda - regardless of subject

  • The reason thr Marxists need to take control of the police is when they unleash their soldiers to take control of the country - they do not want to have the police on the side of the citizens.

  • Of course there is a broader agenda.  A blind man can see that much.  Step back from the question and ask yourself, which party has targeted District Attorneys for partisean purposes?  If you answered the Democrats, you are still conscious.  And to what purpose do you suppose?  When you control the DA's Office, you control the law.  There are no crimes, if you refuse to prosecute.  There can be no political crimes.  There can be no interference by the law in the execution of political power and largese.  Now extend that line of thought out to local police departments. 

    Most members of the Tea Party are like me and my wife, which is to say senior citizens, elderly, if not to say geriatric.  In so far as we have any ability to effect, or participae in the political system, it is time dated and for just about as long as food items purchased from your local supermarket.   OK, while it is true some us no longer buy green bananas, but most of us are still hoping to see the Labor Day BBQ.  Nonetheless, every year there are fewer and fewer of us, our generation and every year our influence and oppposition lessens and weakens.  Americans who still remember an ascendant America are dying off, dying out.  Illegal immigrants and propagandized younger,more "Woke" generations are much easier to control and fool, confuse and distract.  And while we may be the past and passing; tyranny is forever.

    The Democrats and the RINO controled GOP are consolidating all police power in the federal government.  Political power just like military power consists of inter locking and over lapping fields of fire.  Pollice are good and legitimate, necessary when contolled by proper and legitimate authority, absolutely essential.  Sans proper authority they become the SS, the Gestapo, the KGB, the FBI.  We all know where this is headed  and we have no one to blame, but ourselves.  Don't continue to allow yourselves to be divided up into dispicable Democrats and comforting, hypocritical RINO's who make believe they are on your side.  Trump was the only one who actually stood up for you and America.  Don't allow yourselves to continue be divided and conquered.  Demand proof of authenticity, or withhold alligence until authenticity can be produced.


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    • Huh?  Got evidence?  Got proof?  Got milk?  Take two asprins and lay down 

  • All these Reps are owned and are and have been working for their masters.

    Just a thought, would the defund the police movement work for us as well? Without a police force they will not be able to enforce all the freaking laws they have been passing against us.

    • Exactly, and the ranks wouldn't be drawn from the local communities either.

  • De"mock"rats strike again.  They are completely without any higher attributes.  All they care about is power and they don't care how they get it or how they keep it.

  • Buy whatever ammo you can get and don't give up your guns. Antifa and BLM are the new NAZI brown shirts.

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