I have been paying very close attention to reports on the coronavirus since March and have noticed an interesting development that amounts to a false narrative that was designed to prevent the reelection of President Trump.  I see and hear numerous people saying more than 230,000 people have died from the virus.  What I have also seen is real medical doctors saying they were prohibited from prescribing Hydrochloroquine because the left says it kills people.  A doctor told  One America News Network reporter Pearson Sharp that he has been prescribing it for many years, several decades, for a variety of illnesses.  He said the medicine was originally produced to combat malaria and has been very effective and safe for 50 years or more.  Another doctor interviewed told the reporter that facilities and doctors that list it as a factor in a death receive 20% more money from Medicare and insurance policies.  The reporter also revealed information he discovered that death numbers were inflated by using either a positive test or sickness within 90 days of a death as caused by the virus, including gunshot and car accident deaths.  He reported that only about 6% of reported coronavirus deaths actually were caused by the virus and that 94% of the time it may have contributed to but didn't cause the death.

Sharp showed a list of age ranges and what the survival rate of each group.  The most susceptible group was the 60-69 group and they have a 96+% recovery rate.  Most of the actual deaths from the virus are in the over 75 group, with the life expectancy rate overall in America is in the 75 to 82 year range so the most likely to die from the virus are those at the very end of their days to start with.   I also read a report online that in Virginia 3 positive tests were considered 3 cases but 3 negative tests were counted as 1 case.

 The fear mongering and power grabbing during this situation has been on the level of criminal acts of tyranny.  The lockdowns violate the Constitution by taking away the rights of the people to move around and businesses to make money.  Many small businesses have already gone under and more are being put in a position of folding.  California and New York have the most radical restrictions with governors cuomo and newsome threatening to permanently close churches and synagogues that don't comply with their tyrannical edicts.  I haven't heard nor seen them make the same threats against mosques.  I believe the leftist plan is to use the virus scare tactics to help implement the destruction of the government and to implement their globalist New World Order dictatorship.  I don't have any way to prove my assertion but it sure looks like this is part of the plan.  Nazi war criminal george soros has put millions of dollars into the blm and antifa movements being used to destabilize the nation.  The "mainstream" media and their social media propagandist allies are doing everything they can to destroy President Trump and to promote leftist democrat goals of totalitarianism.

While the coronavirus is real it isn't any more dangerous than the seasonal flu despite what the left wants us to believe.  I find the hysteria over the coronavirus interesting, coming from the same people who downplayed the much more serious swine flu during the obama regime.  Of course, fuhrer obama was the darling of the leftist Pravda/Goebbels media and they either downplayed or ignored anything that might damage the god-like image they built around him.  Obama was, and still is, very anti-American and is still doing all he can to destroy the greatest nation in human history.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell

Claremore, Oklahoma

November 17, 2020



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