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  • If there is all this supposed systemic racism in America, then, I can't for the life of me figure out why hispanics, chinese, along with others are trying to sneak into the country illegally. You would think they would be trying to escape all this supposed WHITE oppression. That blacks would want to escape back to africa! Or is it that they just want to force the American taxpayer to give them a free ride? Could you imagine if they gave it some thought that they would realize that nthose they voted for have kept them on the plantation nation for generations? It is the conservatives that wanted them to get an education, learn how to care for themselves and families. When you consider all the free STUFF the leftist promise them, they don't stop to realize the freedoms they have lost, and that the left has given them a miserable existence. Eventually, like the rest of us, they will realize that no one wants to pay their way, so, they will have to WORK for it, even their OBAMA phones.Leftism is forced on a society, Conservatism is not, you have to grow a pair and do what's right for your family.

    • They lost their own families. They lost their own children. And still a bunch don't see that. 

      And the jack*sses they love to idolize, are the biggest users and abusers of women ever known to man. Some have 11 kids by 10 women and none of those kids have a father. And who would want any of those jack*sses as a Father, when they have no respect for authority, so on second thought, in that case, those kids didn't lose a thing, except an abuser of Mom. 

  • Never mind the Police,how about we Defund the bureaucracies instead!!!..........Reimagine that one,Commie Pigs!!

    • DEFUND ALL  the alphabet offices.

  • The CDC leaves no doubt that they aren't loyal to Trump and therefore to the country. They are obviously part of the deep state. It's best to just shut them down. They don't serve a real purpose anymore anyway. We have the Department of Health that's run by a real patriot who is loyal to Trump, and that's enough. We don't need or want a bloated government apparatus. 

  • The CDC are liberal politicians who care only about making a profit time to clean house starting with Fatchi 

    • Totally agree.    I wouldn't trust that slick with my dog's health.

  • Brain washing plain and simple. Teaching people to hate they're country and who they are is BS. Same is true with education. I support Trump's plan of school choice. How could anyone elect a party that hates our country. Outlaw the socialist Democrats.

  • Government is way too big.   Instead of weeding out Deep State, shut down all agencies that have Deep Staters.   Government agencies cannot be allowed to become political. 

    If your office has gone political, you are of no use to taxpayers.   You are counterproductive.  JUST SHUT 'EM DOWN AND SAVE THE PAYCHECKS.


  • Way PAST time to DISMANTLE the cdc and MANY other government agencies that promote ANTI-American propaganda, come on POTUS, start the WEEDING OUT process at cdc, npr and pbs, PERIOD!

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