• And as the "Jews" were told while contained in the Concentration Camps, "Today you will have showers to rid you of Body Lice!" You will enter through this door and exit through the rear door." Though the words were somewhat true they actually meant, "The showers are a gas that will kill body lice and you, and the rear door is a chimney!" Were they lied to? Perhaps not. Was the outcome what they expected? Most certainly not. The Governments are Not Your Friends! They crossed the Line when they ceased being "Servants!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • We are Americans we live in a free country we have the right to travel anywhere in the country. Marxist want to control us they want to destroy our way of life we need our republicans leaders to stand and fight 

    • What Republican Leaders??? I haven't seen one since President Trump and China removed him.

  • I WILL NOT COMPLY!!!!!!!!!!  I don't travel due to my disabilities but it has nothing to do with tyrannical travel restrictions from despots!!!!!!!!!!

  • Every American should be questioning whether there is any legitimacy to anything coming from the white house as it has been clearly proven beyond a shadow of doubt that the 2020 ELECTION WAS STOLEN.    WE HAVE NO LEGITIMATE PRESIDENT.

    • Agreed!!!

    • Donald Trump is still my president!!!!!!!!!!

    • Agreed!!!

  • This administration is becoming more and more socialist with each passing day.  By not raising hell, we are allowing them to do so.  We are going to get caught with our pants down again, if we don't act now.  Have people over to your house an organized a action group and get out there and take it to the public.   


    • They have gone past socialist - they are pure communist.


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