• Senile Grandpa Joe really is bucking to go out spectacularly!

  • I am still constantly being reminded of Stephen King's "The Stand." Only in this, "We are the Virus!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • These people are totally out of control, rogue dictators, and we can't allow this BS. They can NOT mandate a damn thing, including an experimental shot that's killed every lab rat and ferret it's been used on in their 2 month study. NOW, human beings are the test rats. Fauci/Gates/CDC/FDA/UN/WHO/MSM all need to be arrested for murder. These shots are killing people, the plandemic killed people, we are watching the systematic destruction of the global population. People need to wake up, stand up, speak up and take our country back. 

  • Allen,

    I may not send 5,000 emails per day as suggested, but I do average 50. Many of which always include my Senators and Representatives, plus Media! I have Faith that we All persevere.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • So when are all of you tea party membners going to fight back? I do it every day. I am on the phone and sending e-mails to my reps and senators. One person will not do anything. It takes millions to effect change. The way they figure the views of the population is they look at 5,000 e-mails and they find the average of the same point of view and that is how they base their voting on legislation. On this issue we must be together. Everyone needs to e-mail and call thier offices. Bombard them with our demands.

  • I will ad another retort to this Nazi style activity by the Nazi Biden regime.Who the hell is going to enforce this Nazi action? In the mini-series Amerika, it is the UN troops and the Russians. Check points all over the US. Oh, by the way, US currancy is all digital. NO paper money. They have a segment in that series that shows individuals throwing stacks of dollar bills into a huge fire. Again, if we do not stop this right now, then in  4 years the entire country will be under communist rule. Trump will not be re-elected. We cannot wait for Trump. These Nazi's in the governmment are going to take us out before the mid-term electins in 2022.

    • Agree.   I was able to handle the first of those13 videos, but need to take a break.   THEY ARE SPOT ON.



  • Unlike many of the people posting here. I have read every post before I wrote this one. Mandating vaccine passports for interstate travel is a hall mark of the Nazi's and is illustrated in the TV mini-series, "AmeriKa", filmed in 1985. Everything that is being implemented in the US today is visualized in that mini-series. It can be viewed in it's entirety on you tube. Chrin Chritopherson stars in it, Robrt Ureck is also a main player in it. Anything to do with America is banned form the public. NO meeting your friends to have coffee, passports needed to travel form one state to another. Please watch it. When you go yo you tube, in the search block put in these EXACT words, "Amerika tv mini series", if you don't do that then you will get all kinds of stupid stuff.This scenario playing out right now has been planned for a LONG time.

    • Thank you Allen.  I will look that up and will watch it.  

      Don't doubt a word of what you said.

      We have a total freak in the white house.

  • This is not about the virus.   

    2 years ago, prior to the chinese virus, my family and I were on a weeklong trip to Disney in Orlando,  FL, when a hurricane was coming ashore and there was a general warning to HIT THE TRAIL OUTTA FL.  We loaded up, gassed up and hit the trail for the 1250 mile trip.   A full tank of gas should give us 350 to 400 miles UNLESS WE GET STUCK IN TRAFFIC.  Everybody else was leavin also.

    And, on the way, we passed many power company trucks heading to the area anticipating work after the hit.

    That would put us in the Carolinas for refilling the gas tank.  A little bit of a wait there, but not too bad.

    WHAT IF we were driving an ELECTRIC CAR?

    250 TO 275 MILES to a charge, UNLESS TRAFFIC SLOWS YA DOWN'

    That might get you to the GA border IF YOU WERE FULLY CHARGED WHEN YOU LEFT.

    EVEN IF biden's electric charging stations were readiy available all along the route,  HOW LONG DOES A CHARGE TAKE?

    So, you go to lunch or dinner while you wait and wait and wait.   

    And then go for another 250 miles if you are lucky.

    And, by then the hurricane could be sitting right on top of you.   I'm sure that would eat up the juice too,

    In short, 1250 miles is FIVE (5) RECHARGES.   Correct me if I'm wrong, a full recharge takes 5 or 6 hours minimum.   

    Even if you are lucky and no one else is charging when you hit the station each time, that is 25 hours minimum for recharging on a trip that took us about 20 hours start to finish even stopping for lunch.

    Traffic was bumper to bumper at 75 mph or better.  I believe those electric behicles would be hampering traffic and a hazard.

    You have turned a 1 1/2 day trip and turned it into at minimum a 3 day marathon,

    If there were anywhere near the number of elec vehicles on the road that biden is pushing, it could take a week or longer as you WAIT IN LINE TO EVEN HOOK UP TO A CHARGER WITH LONG LINES  ATTEMPTING TO EVACUATE AN AREA.

    AS YOU ARE ALL AWARE, Florida is not the only area with hurricanes or worse.

    imho.   It is significantly retaded to push this 'science' that is way before its time.

    An electric car would be a step too far.  Maybe an electric quad.

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