• What people need to understand about Trump is that he is not really any kind of ideologue. He is pretty close to the "financially liberal, socially conservative" archetype. In addition, before being elected he had less actual experience in government than did Obama, and that's saying something. So who and what is he, really? Simply, he's all about "the art of the deal." He will talk to anybody, and work with anybody in the context of any agreement they make. Black leaders have discovered this time and again, such that the head of the United Negro (oops, "Melatonially Enhanced") College Fund recently stated that Trump has caused more money to the historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) than any other President, including Obama. He worked with Kim Kardashian to bring about prison sentencing reform.The Officer Tatum (check him out on YouTube) has been to Trump's White House five times. Whether you like those things or not is not the point; the point is that Trump is a deal maker and works with people on as close to a one-to-one basis as possible.

    This is also going to be true in foreign politics. He will talk to appropriate Russian officials, Chinese officials, whoever, keeping dialog open at the Executive level. I don't know the specific content of these conversations of course, but I am confident Trump (unlike Obama) is not giving away the store. Why? Because he is negotiating from a position of strength and he knows it. I could be wrong, obviously, but I also take comfort in knowing that Trump is a "man with a chest", unlike Obama who has no chest at all.

    • Morgan, you are so right. That's why we love Trump no matter what. He uses his business genius in government selflessly. You can see that in the way he runs government finances. Unlike obummer he controls the budget much better in the long run. We should be very grateful that he gives himself for the good of the country. What a man!!! - That's also why he will win with a landslide in November. Everyone can see this genius at work and how much good he does for the country, how great it is already. America will give him another 4 years, no doubt.

  • This pos is trying to undermine President Trump and the legal votes of 73% of the American people, hillary only got 27%, just like her worthlesss husband. Deport his commieazz back to russia. 

  • Trump has been tougher on Russia than any other US president. Trump is also making America great and even more powerful again. Everyone including Russians can see how great America is today compared to the day when Trump took over 3 1/2 years ago. No wonder Russia is trying to get him out of the office.

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