• Very cool...

  • Well, THIS is interesting!

  • Well, there you go. Even the Amish are in the basket of deplorables. No ah**. Love it 😍

  • The Amish are God fearing and well educated in the way of life. They prove that Trump enjoys the support of a large majority of Americans. No doubt Trump will win with a huge landslide in November.

  • but  wait a minute  , aren't these people from the rural area . an area that professors at berkeley say produces backwards people

    • Well don't all of us backwards folks look way back to that old fashioned Constitution and Bill of Rights as being the truth and only second to Gods Word?  Guess we are "backwards" by the socialist progressives backwards standards.  HALLELUJAH!


  • "The Amish DO Vote and Look who they support!"

    The Amish are God-fearing.

    What else needs to be said.

  • Are you finally getting tired of a small minority of marxist communists rigging our elections with the commie pos puke soros' money? The left has been stealing America for decades, putting their seditious cronies on the courts, our schools, hospitals ( to let people die who they consider too old to cure or help, per obamacare ), they have taken over all the great institutions, law enforcement alphabet agencies and left a large stain on them. They are making their final push to complete their 16 year plan to send America spiraling into a 3rd world cesspool of enslaved taxpayers, paying for other country's healthcare, energy, and food. You will recall that when GW Bush allowed gas to go over $4.00 a gallon in the U.S.A. and diesel fuel followed, he subsidized european truck drivers fuel bill, then to drive up the cost of food by using corn to make gas. Causing the price of beef to go through the roof. Trump is undoing all these things.

    Trump 2Q2Q+, Making America GOD"s Again!

    • You have a "grip" on the bigger picture .... you are a excellent writer and bring clarity to the reader "thank you"


  • I live in Pennsylvania where a number of Amish live. Told by a friend who drives some of the Amish to stores that everyone of them support Trump.

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