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The roughly $900 billion stimulus package is on its way to President Donald Trump for his signature, though it’s unclear whether he will sign the bill that would deliver aid to Americans, mutliple news outlets reported on Thursday. 

The massive 5,593-page bill, which includes the $1.4 trillion omnibus, is being flown on the plane to Florida, where Trump is staying at his Mar-a-Lago resort for Christmas. 

After eight months of delay, Republicans and Democrats finally passed a bill on Monday night that would send desperately-needed economic relief to millions of Americans struggling because of the coronavirus pandemic. The legislation would also avoid a government shutdown on Monday and secure federal funding through the next fiscal year.

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    • Just got off the phone with colleague ... ex Navy.

      We must all realize that the more the government "gives us", the more dependent we become and that dependency is slavery!!

      More ... the so-called health care (chemicals) "from" the government gives them them the ability to choose what we get and what we don't get! Because they have a monopoly. 

      Some of you know that my team and I (engineers) are developing hardware and software to instrument the body's neural system ... technologically better than chemical "health care" ... and our work will break government's monopoly!

      Note: the neural system connects to every organ in our bodies. That said, we can eliminate low ejection fraction (heart), confront/eliminate COVID19 like viruses (and cancer) by controlling neural connections to the immune system organs, a dysfunction in the neural system causes obesity... that's correctable. Etc. etc.

    • I Bet that the big pharmaceutica companies would try to buy you out because it might take away from their drug profits. What do you think Mitchell ? Also that sounds like a really good idea and hopefully it will work.

  • This bill is fu##ing insane!! Sonofbitch"s!! This is a shit in face of all Americans!!!!! We have to find a way to stop this bull crap!!

    • Check the reply I just sent to Col. Ron ... that's part of the answer ... break dependency on government.

  • What the hell can you write in 5,593 pages?????   Any republican that signed onto this bill needs to be voted out of office!  This is insanity!  I hope he vetoes this mess!  Help Americans and not foreigners!  I am fuming!!!!

  • Stand alone HELP U S bill no pork at all scum sht demorats dont give a flyin fck what Americans need


  • VETO that sucker.  Make them strip ALL THE PORK from it, then resubmit a CLEAN bill.

  • TRUMP IS A TRUE AMERICAN HERO AND PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!  He won the election and the NWO best not stand in our way!!!

    • LOL! I'm with you but what are we going to do about it but talk. We don't have the balls to start shooting to protect our freedom. Too many people are comfortable with their lives and being told what to do regarding these lock downs and ORDERS from the governors. If we were going to do somethime we would have done it when they ordered us to stay in our houses and not go out torestaurants and other establishments. When they come for our guns we will give them up. 

    • That's what they think too!

      How many do you think they've already pushed to the point? Only thing stoppung us is US giving ourselves the COLLECTIVE PERMISSION to do so. They'll MAKE US..

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