Thank You, President Trump, for All You Accomplished

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Thanks to Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, Middle East peace deals, elimination of ISIS caliphate, Right to Try, fixing of the VA hospital system, and full-throated fight against abortion, millions more people will be alive to hear Never Trumpers tell them what an awful person he was.

Orange Man Bad. No amount of good matters. 

The Forces Against Trump

It will stand as one of the great miracles of America that Donald Trump was able to get so much done, big and small, so much winning, to use his term despite:

  1. Roughly 95% negative media coverage.
  2. A never ending stream of false stories including the outrageous Charlottesville Lie.
  3. An organized, violent and highly-funded “resistance” — including within the walls of the White House — to thwart his efforts by any means legal and illegal.
  4. A three-year black op concocted by Obama, your soon-to-be-installed Biden and Hillary Clinton to use a fraudulent charge of Trump Russia Collusion to sabotage his presidency. (Hillary Clinton was out there even yesterday peddling it, insinuating 2016 election was stolen. Doesn’t that now count as sedition?)
  5. Congressional Democrats who spent every day for four years putting their thirst for hurting Trump over helping struggling Americans.
  6. Swamp Republicans in Congress too happy to keep things in Washington as they were as long their donors could make bank and they could be welcomed on CNN and the Georgetown cocktail circuit. (E tu, Mitch McConnell? E tu?)
  7. Swamp Republican analysts, pundits and consultants bitter that Trump had zero use and little respect for.
  8. Neo-cons upset that Trump was bringing peace, not war.
  9. Last and far from least, the never-ending spiritual warfare launched against a man who talked about and believed in God and America.

The Accomplishments

The American people, because the mainstream media had zero interest in reporting the good, generally have little idea of all that Trump accomplished in their name.

A few months back, Wayne Grudem published on The Stream a list of “30 Good Things President Trump Has Done for America.” 

This week, the White House put out a staggering list of Trump administration accomplishments

Look through the seemingly endless list, and ask yourself, “How much has all this benefited me, my family, my community, my nation?”

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  • that is the fact.

  • President Trump accomplished much in four years while enduring vicious hate mongering.  Today I feel empty and "let down".  We have been 40 years plus in allowing our Great Nation to be infected with corruption by leaving it up to someone else and assuming the "government" will take care of it.  Well they did!  Trump did what he promised and attempted to drain that swamp.  The creatures had to resort to open voting fraud, lies, threats, and intimidation to remove him.  I still call that a win for Trump.  He pulled out the drain plug but now it is up to us to permanently remove the nasty clogs.  We can do it.

    • I agree.  The silver lining in this very dark cloud is that we now where everyone stands.  Liz Cheney is a a case in point.  We all need to target these traitors and throw them out of office.

    • How can we throw out the Rino traitors? The democrats control the voting machines. Do you really think the democrats will give up that power? 

    • You are right Helen, but there got to be a way to do it legally.


    • I completely agree with you. A third party is in order.

  • He let communists take over our country with an extremely fraudulent election. He did NOTHING about all the corruption and censorship... I believe HIS nickname is now "Traitor Trump".  He betrayed us ALL.

    • Listen COMRADE. Trump did everything he could. The deep state is what kept him from doing the things he wanted to do. The deep state is in every part of government. FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ, DOD, DNI. Everything Trump wanted to do there was constant foot dragging in the Dept that controled it. So how do you anti-fa scum like being terrorists and traitors. Punk ass communist.



  • Add to that list of swamp creatures Chief Justice Roberts. He voted against hearing one of the first big voter fraud cases from Michigan and this was before the Nov. 6, 2020 election. Bader Ginsberg had died so SCOTUS 4-4 vote allowed horrible Michigan State Sup. Court case to stand. Roberts voted with Dems.

This reply was deleted.