• Our Colonial Fathers used 'Committees of Safety' militia units organized by the local Sheriff to provide the needed manpower for law enforcement, local Indian wars, response to natural disasters, etc.  There is no reason the local militia groups could not be organized under the banner of 'Committees of Safety' or ' Standing Sheriff's Posses'.  The Local Sherif and State's could provide the essential training, equipment, and legal authority to perform border security... patrolling local properties for trespass, vandalism, robbery, assaults, illicit drug, and sex trafficking ... all State Criminal VIolatons ... with this volunteer force.  This force could also be used for local disaster response and searches for missing persons and children.

    Private individuals and groups could contact their local sheriff and suggest such a standing committee or posse be formed... provide donations for its organization, equipping, and administration... sort of like the volunteer fire department.  Men like Pres. Trump could help fund and organize such groups nationally.  The goal should be for every local sheriff to have a large standing posse or committee of safety at his command to provide law and emergency services for their populations.

    We must rely on local law enforcement and emergency relief more and more... as the state and federal government appear either unwilling or unable to provide the services needed to guarantee our republican form of government and are reluctant to administer the law and protect private property from foreign agents, local criminals, and avoidable civil unrest.  These committees of safety or sheriffs posses/militia can step in to fulfill governments' responsibility for such security and protection.

    "The Sheriff's Posse is a rapid response force of citizens who could be called upon "in a minutes notice" to answer the call to aid in safeguarding lives and property and the Constitutional Rights of innocent law-abiding citizens of Canadian County.
    Link to an Example of a standing sheriff's Posse in Oklahoma... other states also have them.
    Canadian Co Sheriff’s Posse
    If you don’t live in Canadian Co, I don’t know who all might have seen this. Chris is a great guy and has…
  • Time to stand up and defend your country because this fake socialist fake president will not defend your rights and the country 

  • It's about time! SIGN ME UP!!!

  • Sheriffs are the way to go

  • Something probably not too many of us know too much about, including me, is that there are Jews by religion only ---- and there are Jews from blood and religion.

    The Zionist Jews are by religion only and those Bloodlines are the evil ones who are the Banksters who have been ruling the world.

    The real Lineage of Abraham is of blood and faith. Don't know much else about it as I am just beginning to search this out.  Some say the Zionists go back to Cain. The Cabal does appear to be Zionist, beginning with the Rothschilds, who are Jewish.... by "religion" only.  Don't shoot tbe messenger, just sharing this little distinction.... that is one more rabbit hole to jump into....

    Maybe someone knows more and can share. 



    • Why have the Jews been the most persecuted race of humans on our planet for centuries, long before Hitler, long before the Pharaohs, back to the beginning of recorded time - There has got to be a reason - you may have touched on it Jea9 

  • The People of Texas needs to take these issues into their own hands and forget any help from the President. 

  • Good   , get it done the bozo they stuck in our White house  won't  do anything  to stop it then  we the people  will have to .

  • Now if Texas would only allow its law abiding citizens carry firearms like Arizona does. Here in Arizona we can carry open or concealed without having to pay an arm and a leg to buy a permit. There in Texas it can run up to $500 to get the permit to carry and you still can't carry openly. The State of Arizona says that the Second Amendment is our carry permit. And lo and behold, there aren't gunfights everywhere with all these guns being carried openly. And, we don't have a Chicago style madhouse with all these guns. It's not the guns. It's the monsters that illegally carry guns in the Blue cities and States that are the problems.

  • It will not be long before "American Patriots" come together as they are in Texas to take our country back. "We the People" are getting really sick of allowing Communist's to run and ruin our country! "We" need to stand together and stand strong in God our Father who gave this country to us to be a free God-fearing country!! I as many Veterans have fought and died in other countries to free its people from Communism and now, we are fighting the same fight here in the USA. In my hometown grocery store’s if you do not like Mexican food you are out. This is insane!!

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