Texas governor tells UN to go 'pound sand'

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The United Nations tells Texas it must move to greenie energy to remain prosperous.

The United Nations, awash in greenie ideology, has decided that now would be a good time to horn in on the state of Texas's internal energy production. For its own good, of course:

NEW YORK — The leader of the United Nations says Texas must end its reliance on oil and gas production to remain prosperous in the era of climate change.

At a UN summit next month, world leaders will be asked to rapidly cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030. A vast increase in the production of renewable energy will be required to reach those targets.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres says Texas is well-positioned to lead the way in the production of renewables.

"If Texas wants to remain prosperous in 2050 or 2070, Texas will have to diversify its economy and Texas will have to be less dependent on oil and gas," Guterres said. "It has all the conditions to be — because of the weather in Texas — a leading state in renewable energy in the US," he added.

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    • Wrong...

      FICA is indeed a dedicated fund that the government borrows from, at below-market rates, to fund current government operations... License fees help fund the government agencies charging the fee... these fees and funds do matter as they are an indirect tax that pays for government services.  Camping and park fees are another indirect tax that funds the national park service.  Fees for passports and visas help fund the State Department operations and services Port and docking fees, customs duties and tariffs, all go to operating the Government and are then a form of taxation.  FInes impounds, and seizures help fund the DOJ and Customs services.  There are many such fees and duties that everyone pays for that help fund government operations. I often wonder if they are properly reported or squirreled away by some enterprising bureaucrat or prosecutor and judge.

    • Marlene...

       I did not say we should give ILLEGAL ALIENS the vote... the argument that they pay taxes is ludicrous ... should we give tourists voting rights because they pay certain taxes while in the USA.  The argument that paying taxes gives one the right to vote is completely bogus. The US Constitution was not made for ALIENS, legal or illegal. 

      Any rights legal aliens have are limited and granted by law... they don't include voting.  The only legal rights an illegal alien has are humanitarian rights.  Those rights granted by international agreements and treaties that the US Is a party  Humanitarian rights don't extend to voting or accessing anything but emergency aid while being deported.

      The idea that we cut off much of the middle class and all of the poor from voting... based on their FEDERAL INCOME TAX STATUS ALONE Is an unconstitutional and foreign view of the voting privilege...  Many of our lower ranking members in the military would not be permitted to vote if paying income taxes was a requirement.  Everyone, even the homeless population contributes in some way to funding the government.  No one gets a free ride. Although, far too many are hitching their wagon to the productivity of others in our society.

      The working poor and middle-class fund government thru many sources other than income taxes... and in some cases they may pay city and state income taxes.... do we keep these individuals from voting?  Don't be fooled by the raw data on the wealthy paying taxes... they fund their taxes with revenue from consumers. The poor and middle-class fund a large portion of the wealthy's income taxes thru inflated fees for services and retail sales.  The poor and middle class are in effect paying federal taxes every time they make a purchase or use a service provided by the wealthy. That is simply a fact not a bogus or twisted leftist argument.

    • You intentionally misinterpret what I said.   I never said Legal Citizens should not be allowed to vote.   I did say and still say  that everyone should pay some income taxes.   In fact, many have suggested tithing.  If it is good enough for God, it should be good enough for the government.   

      It is fair that everyone feel the pain of paying ridiculous income taxes.   I even suggested a lousy 2%.  Next to nothing.   There should be a base amount of income that EVERYONE IS TAXED THE SAME PERCENTAGE ON.   2% OF A BASIC AMOUNT FOR STARTERS.   AND, THEN PLAY THE GAMES WE ARE CURRENTLY SUBJECTED TO.   THE DEDUCTIONS GAME.   2% FOR THOSE MAKING LESS THAN $10K IS about $4 a week.  It's not gonna kill anybody.   AND IT GETS THE ONES AT THE TOP PAYING SOME IN ALSO AS THIS IS BEFORE ANY INCOME IS REDUCED BY DEDUCTIONS.

      SS IS NOT A TAX,  iT IS AN INSURANCE THAT ENSURES AT LEAST A MINIMUM INCOME.   I totally disagree with the 2 votes that biden made to make SS income taxable.   It should not be.  that's my opinion.

      Neither is FICA, or uemployment tax, nor medicare.   Those are dedicated to social programs.   They are not gifts.   We all pay for them.

      IMHO, military retiree's income should not be taxed either.  They paid their way.

      The problem is that crooked politicians have killed the golden goose.   Milked it to the death and truth be told, kept on miling while it was on life support to the tune of $30 TRILLION.   THAT'S A HELLUVA LOT OF BLOOD MONEY.   

      WE CANNOT PAY FOR THE SOCIAL PROGRAMS WE NOW HAVE.   WHEN, IN YOUR OR MY LIFETIME, HAVE ENOUGH TAXES BEEN COLLECTED TO PAY FOR ALL THE GIVEAWAYS?    Never is the answer in case you don't know.   At  minimum, 25% of the cost of running the USA is borrowed every year just to keep up hte payments.   

      Seriously, could anyone do that in managing their own finances.   Consistently borrow 1/4 of all their living expenses every year and NEVER PAY DOWN THE PRINCIPAL?

      Good thing we no longer have debtor's prisons is all I can say

      I don't mine paying my fair share.   I'm getting really tired to paying for the people too lazy to pay their own way.

    • We should get rid of Income-tax.. and simply charge fees for services, based on the benefit received and the cost to provide them. Billionaires will pay an equitable share for military, police, and fire protection, based on the total value of their assets protected, and the direct and indirect benefits they receive from the government... services such as trade agreements, keeping sea lanes open and safe, air and seaport operations, and a host of other infrastructure benefits. The 'fees' for commonly used services would be based on a pro-rata share of their operating expense... parks and recreation, pubic sewage systems, education, an annual fee per vehicle-based on local milage, and tolls for operating our major highways, bridges, tunnels, etc.

      All Government services should be paid for by their users... based on access and frequency of use. Let everyone pay for what they use or receive benefit from. Everyone votes. The Billionaire will soon find he wants the Income Tax back when he discovers just how much he benefits from the government, US infrastructure, military, police, and fire protection alone. The current methods used to fund them are transferring huge sums to future generations... No more deficits, we must pay as we go... ouch! No more transferring the deficit costs on to some future schmuck.

      The homeless and other indigents should be exempt as a humanitarian, safety, and health/sanitation function of government... After all, everyone should be entitled to use designated free public toilets and a park bench, ally, or underpass, as their domicile, no charge. Fees for service would eliminate deficit funding, no more transferring government operating expenses to future generations. Close all government agencies and operations that are unable to support their operations based on fees for service or provide humanitarian functions which raise no fees... let all of the other agencies share in funding such services pro-rata.

      Serious cuts to welfare would occur and only the truly disabled and destitute would be provided a hand up, on their way back to being productive citizens.

    • Ron ... Jim here.

      Listen, pal ... You were eloquent in this reply to Marlene.

      You (I hate to say it) condensed hundreds of pages of law into a few brilliant paragraphs.

      Stop it .. just stop it. I like you better when you're curmudgeonly. 🤪

      Seriously now, you done guud, buddy.

  • I think we should send the UN packing and turn the un building into a VET retreat!!!  TEXAS if you need help just put it here and I'm on my way...YOU Dig?

    • Totally agree.  the last thing the world needs is the U.N.  If they insist on existing - they should move their organization to Antartica. Then we cut off all communications and don't give the diplocats (?) any cold weather gear.  Then they couldn't spread their anti-humanity nonsense.


    • Great idea.   The UN has been a giant middle finger to the USA since its beginning.

  • Nuke the UN...!

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