• Great decison Governor Abbott!

  • They SHOULD oppose cheating at the ballot box. 

  • Love them Texans

  • Congradulations to Texas! We need more Governors with the strength of will and backbone to stand up the the loud mouthed silver spoon idiots who believe they can rule us with their will of words. Acrtion is what is needed. Stop giving in to the oppressors. Stop giving them their way. Stand up for the  American Way of life.

  • Just look back a few Years at The NFL- They LOST MONEY, SUPPORTERS and Their Viewing Numbers keep dropping-!!! PLAY BALL or GO INTO POLITICS, NOT WISE TO DO BOTH AT SAME TIME-!!!

  • Time for large crowds to show up to demand the stadium be shut down... I believe the Rangers lease the stadium from the state or local government.  Have the State or Local Government cancel their lease, declaring the team to be in breach of their lease, due to their anti-social behavior creating a public hazard...  Pitch them out of the state and let them playball in CUBA OR COLUMBIA.

    • Let them play in China where they belong, and if they would disagree with the chicoms they would be dealt with.

    • I think MLB needs to more the entire league over to China.  It is quite obviously not America's pass time anymore.


    • Sorry - thinking faster than I type this morning.  That should be move the entire league to China.


  • These teams can't be that dumb, their bound to lose some fans. The question to ask is why do they do something like this unless they are threatned.


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