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    • Remember the comis book Bizzarro world? It has come true.

    • Yeah, and the cops that are supposed to be securing our rights are enforcing the governor's illegal actions.

    • that is why I do believe we are in different time zone.


  • This is a real shame... law enforcement jobs are not affected, but millions of sequestered citizens are affected, facing loss of jobs, their savings, etc, and thru protests trying to tell the callous leadership how much they are suffering, facing a dismal future of a recession or far worse, yet they are confronted by law enforcement treating them like dangerous criminals. Guns drawn, ready to open fire; is this an indication of what patriots will face should there be a transfer of power to socialism???


  • It appears that as of now, the "Chinese Virus" has just declared "Open War" among Fellow Americans! Sneaky Little Rice Propelled Mother F___kers! 

    If those who by the very wearing of the "Badge" have displayed for all to see that their "Oaths to uphold the Constitution" means absolutely nothing, then what is it to tell the rest of us who still retain " Honor and Duty? " Our Constitution with its Bill of Rights is an all or nothing choice. They have chosen "Nothing." I choose All! "

     Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • There is no valid legal basis for imposing martial law on peaceful demonstrators.

    On the other hand, unless Americans are willing to engage in peaceful "civil disobedience" and understand that there may be consequences, we will not prevail against the little minds of empowered bureacracy.

    IMHO, this whole Plannedemic is all about mind control:

    COVID-19 Martial Law
    • The production of the so called covid vaccination shot is a load of bunk. The people behind the effort to produce this med have a lock on the patent and it will be worth billions. They are defaming any other approach to control the virus. Thats why they come against the use of well known inexpensive meds to help reduce the effect of the virus. They delay the use of meds until a person cannot overcome the virus. The team is misleading our President and continues to try to convince him that the only salvation is this vaccine. Many Countries aroud the world are having good responce to the use of preventative drugs and perscribe them on the very early signs of an infection. We need to flood the Presidents twitter and Facebook account with support for the use of preventative medicines.We need preventative meds be available to all Citizens thru thier Doctors before the are debilitated by the virus.

  • No body ever thought Texas was where most of America's intellectuals reside.  The state of wide open spaces also applies to the distance between Texans brain cells.  Just plain stupid.

  • Boys still playing cops and robbers. Can we call this an "overkill" respoinse?

    Approaching peaceful protesters with guns drawn.  Reminds me of Kent State. They're just itching for a shootout.

    Governor Abbot should FIRE that Sheriff and all those Deputees.

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