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  • This is truly an ILLEGAL action, hidden behind one Sherriff's interpretation of the Governor's stance. Texas is a FREE STATE - just like the other 49!

    This is a great example of GOVERNMENT pushing "We the People" toward the Socialist movement − the gov will keep pushing until the PEOPLE

    Stop Putting Up with It!

    • it might be to late


    • AMEN!!!

  • Tell the people of WACO and Ruby Ridge of the proper way to reason with a force of overwhelming power that you have constitional rights to protest. Out come the big guns and SWAT Vehicles with enough fire power to fight a small war and put you back in your place of subservience. The police should be limited and disarmed when dealing with citizen protests. There is no need for the approach they take outside of their purpose to enslave you.

    • A book is coming out in August titled: World Beyond Reason: The Orwellian Factor. Write the title down, wait for it, buy it and read it. It is a compediium of who's who and what's what from an international level down to the local goings-on. We are at the most critical time in our history, bigger and more dangerous than any other, and we patriots cannot afford to make the slightest mistake or underestimate the power of the enemies. Law enforcement officers all are going to be negatively impacted by these commie and NWO factions, right down to their own families. Most people see only what seems apparent, and don't see what is in the shadows. If we lose this coming battle, America is forever lost, the entire world will be worse that that described in "1984" by George Orwell, billions of people will be culled to reduce the world population (which culling is already underway with Gates's "vaccines"), and there will be only two classes of human beings: the rulers and the ruled, slavers and slaves. Conspiracy theory?  I wish. I've learned many thousands of Americans are swarming into the gunstores and arming themselves, and I definitely encourage all patriots to get well-stocked and prepared. If things go sideways in the U.S., the U.N. is prepared to "invade" with its so-called "peace-keeping" army, but it won't be about peace-keeping. 

    • Thanks for the heads up. I watch for the book. Keep your powder dry.

    • that is exactly what I want to say thank you for make it clear.


    • I'm glad to see you sticking around, Jeff Noncent. Glad to have you aboard. You might want to check out my blog:  

      It's new with only 3-4 articles and, right now, 3 videos, but I'll be putting a lot more up there. You can comment there too. James

    • OH! yes I will be here for as long they want me to be here thank you


    • I don't know where that ...   ... came from. That doesn't go with my blog address. 

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