Texas is leading a coalition looking into the vast, and potentially monopolistic, power and influence of Facebook and Google, the state’s Attorney General Ken Paxton announced Thursday.

Paxton made the revelation while speaking at a Zoom videoforum discussing the conservative movement’s free-speech concerns about Facebook’s new, liberal-dominated, global oversight board charged with overseeing content removal and disputes. Paxton was joined by fellow speakers Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), First Liberty Institute President Kelly Shackelford, and moderator Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center, which hosted the event

The initial focus of the investigation is to “follow the money,” Paxton said:

“I’m actually in the middle of an investigation of Facebook and Google. Several years ago, we became concerned about the potential monopolistic power of some of these technology companies.

“And, one of the things I learned a long time ago in business school when I was at Baylor University is: follow the money. And, so, that’s what we’re doing. We’re more than focused on Texas; we’re leading a 51-state coalition – which includes some territories – investigating Google.

“We’ve been doing that since the Fall. We were, really started part of that. We’re also involved in the investigation of Facebook, which also started, pretty much, the same time.”

Paxton said the coalition shares the fears voiced by the nation’s Founders: too much power in the hands of too few. And, while their investigation is currently trying to follow the money, it is also worried about content-control gives technology giants like Facebook vast power to influence consumer behavior, such as what they buy and how they vote.

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  • Both puppets of the CCP. Need it be any clearer?

  • shut them down and prosecute for infringing on FREEDOM OF SPEECH

    • let's do it.

    • That would TOTALLY get my vote.  Only problem is, the 1st Amendment only applies to government entities.  If there's a way to force private-owned companies to follow by our civil rights........COUNT ME IN!

    • I will second that

    • The first prohibits the government from abridging free speech. Nowhere in the constitution are other groups given the go-ahead to abridge that right. Facebook is in effect a public utility and as such should be rightfully constrained from abrogating free speech rights of individuals.

    • The First Amendment only prohibits government, as opposed to private, abridgement of speech. In an opinion written by Justice Kavanaugh the Supreme Court held that private operators of a public access cable channels aren't state actors subject to the First Amendment.Jun 18, 2019

    • Wich the left uses as cover for their insidious intillectual fascism.They rub it in your face all the time when confronted with it. The left are of the devil. They can find ways to make evil of every good intention.



  • shut them down, take them to court and charge them huge fines for violating people's freedom of speech.

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