A Tennessee school district is under fire for asking parents to sign a form agreeing not to eavesdrop on kids' virtual classes over concerns they could overhear confidential information.

After significant pushback, Rutherford County Schools is allowing parents to tune in with permission from the teacher but they can't record the classes.

"It's ridiculous. It's so hypocritical because they've been data mining our children for years, compliments of common core," Laurie Cardoza-Moore, founder of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations, said on "Fox & Friends Weekend" Saturday.

"What are they trying to hide? What is the problem? Why won't they let us sit in?" the homeschool mom of five asked.

"Obviously, because they are teaching our children propaganda that they should not be teaching," she said. "They are trying to socialize our children."

She added: "We have had a major problem in education, not just here in Tennessee, but across the country where they are indoctrinating our children with propaganda."


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  • this is an unconstituional request... to be ignored.....  parents have the responsibility and right to know what is being taught and to supervise their children.   

  • Certainly hope someone watches this video and takes it to heart.

    Its Just a Mask

    • I see people wearing masks while driving a car all by themselves and wonder about they became this stupid.  I get harassed because I refuse to wear a mask without being turned away from a business.  I get accosted in a parking lot because I don't have a mask on and call the people idiot sheeple.  I fight this at every turn but it doesn't seem to be doing any good.

      the big problem is that the vast majority of people would rather be taken care of by someone else than be responsible for themselves.  

      Dennis Prager just did a segment on how it is human nature to want to be taken care of and freedom/independence/personal responsibility is a culture thing, not human nature.

  • PEOPLE NEED to stop sending your children to slaughter, which is the classrooms of the US! GET A group of neighborhood kids together and TEACH THEM!

  • This is but further proof that the school systems are brainwashing our children with left wing propaganda. Heck, they don't even teach the kids real American history, civics, and even the basics of geography. The schools, abetted by the teachers attitudes in favor of socialism, are simply in place to create a communist lemmings.

  • Abolish Common Core which is teaching the kids to hate America and start teaching the Abeka cirriculm which is taught in Christian schools!!

    • Abeka is outstanding! Great advice‼️
      of course, I am biased!  Abeka originates dron Pensacola Christian College where my niece teaches English and her husband teaches Bible, and all 4 of their children attend there! They start learning reading in preschool. By the time the oldest was 3 she was an excellent reader! AND they know much about God and the Bible. 
      so again, great advice!

    • The phrase is "Communist to the Core"

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