• Kenya !!


  • Yes, hurry up and get it done!  Make me happy!

  • Chairman Bao's statue needs to go!  It offends me!

  • THIS STATUE ABSOLUTELY NEEDS TAKEN DOWN! Due to the fact that Obama has done nothing but lie to the American people also committing treason against our country, spied on our true blood American PRESIDENT TRUMP and much much more! 

  • I wonder when the Dept. of the Navy will name a Carrier after this worthless POS ? You know as soon as some left winger gets in they will.


    • don't give these morons any ideas......what an insult to name anything after a Clinton or Obama.......marxist shills that nearly destroyed this nation and now we are paying the price to undo all the mess those rotten bums created. 

  • Yes, TEAR ths down. It really is OFFENSIVE !

  • I can't believe anyone would waste their time to even erect this pile of feces!

  • We should, especially now after we've learned to much more about his character.

  • Tear down Obama's  expensive library as well. But of course the Marxist Antifa and BLM would never do such a thing for it represents their  homeboy.

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