• the vaccine is a death shot

  • Brass Roots Ted, RIGHT ON !!!!!

  • That so-called vaccine will end up killing more people than the virus itself. Ted is absolutely right.

  • Ted is right. I advised my son aout getting the poison shot but of course he would not listen. After a few months I noticed he had bumps all over his legs. They looked like spikes. He told me the Dr. said they were no problem? After a few months they started to disapear but his legs looked scarred. He has been on blood thinners and after his recent blood tests they had to be increased. Anyone who thinks this shot is ok better check the VAERS report

  • indeed! However, I must admit it's somewhat disappointing to see that Uncle Ted is so fluent in their language... "Baaaa"

  • So according to Mr. Nugent he's the only one marching in the right direction and everyone else is marching in the wrong direction. It's, "I'm right and the rest of the world is wrong". Sorry Ted, I don't necessairly agree with you on this one.

    • "Everyone else"?
      I know a ton of people who went for this foolishness, but I know at least as many who decided to search, look, and realized this is NOT a vaccine, it is useless when it comes to covid......and perhaps dangerous. We will not know that, so we wait a year, two, five to see, we pray we are wrong to doubt for the sake of all those who got scared into taking the jab. If you had the shot Jane, that is your decision and your business alone, but do not try to justify your decision by trying to make it sound as if the entire world is with you. Fear is never a good decision maker, ask yourself, it doesn't help keep people getting covid, WHY are they pushing it so hard?

    • Are you saying that everyone else on the planet believes the JAB is totally safe and Ted is crazy? Just seeing all the protests going on around the world of the citizens refusing to get the JAB, I'd say they agree with Ted. So it looks like you think YOU are right and all the protesters are wrong.

    • Some real doctors who still think for themselves have started studying the vaccine early on, and they warned about the destruction of the immune system, that this "vaccine" is designed to do, to go into hypermode. When those so-called vaccinated get exposed to covid, their immune system beging to go nuts killing off the infected cells......but unfortunately most cells after the jab look infected to them. I have been following this from the start, at LEAST the medical industry created an autoimmune problem that is going to keep the hospitals packed, people will need medications by the pound (yes, I'm exaggerating), but they secured a whole lot of work for themselves, a whole lot of profit, and we have no rewind button for this!

    • Everybody is sying something different. I don't fully believe any of them. I was a guinea pig for the polio vaccine at 6 years old, so this vaccine really doesn't scare me. It also wasn't fully approved yet and I came through just fine.

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