• Some real doctors who still think for themselves have started studying the vaccine early on, and they warned about the destruction of the immune system, that this "vaccine" is designed to do, to go into hypermode. When those so-called vaccinated get exposed to covid, their immune system beging to go nuts killing off the infected cells......but unfortunately most cells after the jab look infected to them. I have been following this from the start, at LEAST the medical industry created an autoimmune problem that is going to keep the hospitals packed, people will need medications by the pound (yes, I'm exaggerating), but they secured a whole lot of work for themselves, a whole lot of profit, and we have no rewind button for this!

    • Everybody is sying something different. I don't fully believe any of them. I was a guinea pig for the polio vaccine at 6 years old, so this vaccine really doesn't scare me. It also wasn't fully approved yet and I came through just fine.

    • Haven't you seen the video from the Stew Peters show about the Doctor that examined the vax under a microscope? Here is the link to the video, just got to the 14:10 mark. It's only 12 minutes long but after she shows the crap that is in the vax no one in their right mind would ever want it in their body. Things that can't be identified and looks like like stuff from another planet.

    • Boy is that weird. Probably one of the reasons why they want every American to get the JAB. They want to control us


  • Ted is correct and very entertaining.

  • Ted is RIGHT and Amen!!

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