• At least he is trying to get the gop establishment off their royal thrones and the soros payroll but there are only he and about 5 others not on the payroll of Nazi war criminal george soros.  the same establishment controls state legislators for the most part.  We the People need to abandon the gop, they are hopelessly corrupt.  they have proven since President Reagan first ran they are against We the People and libertty.  While devildemocommiecrats stab us in the chest the gop stabs us in the back!!!!!!!!!!

  • The best way to deal with "The Swamp Dwellers" that now controll the Government is a CONVENTION OF THE STATES. 

    Term Limites  could be the first step in securing Americas future . 


  • Ted Cruz can take conservatives to the next level. 

  • Ted is a real conservative and he has what it takes to lead. Others who talk him down are Rhinos and they dont realize it or crazy libs.

      1. well im not a fan nor a rhino. He speaks well but to live it.
    • Just wondering when he doesn't live it. And don't say Cancoon. He apologized for that one. What politician is that humble? He is in line with the most important Trump policies. He backed Trump up. So a. I missing something? Dont want an argument just want to learn. Dems are scared to death of him. That says a lot too. He goes for the jugular. Words are extremely important. Why do you think libs are trying to control the language? It is to weaken us. Maybe we need him now.

    • The demorats just wanted somebody to attack.

    • Cancoon yes I can say it free speech. I'm glad he apologized or did he blame it on his daughter? A leader is tested in those times could have been an opportunity to shine and assist your fellow Texans/ Americans. Then to call for security to assist to the airport? I'm sure security could have been used else where. Sounds like an elitist. 

  • Need text not stream.

  • Great Speech... but how does that convert to power?   How does it remove Biden and the Marxist holding our government hostage to their fraud?  We can't even get the GOP leadership in Congress or the 27 Republican States to Officially declare the last election a FRAUD. 

    Mark my words Ted is hallucinating if thinks his speech will change the massive FRAUD that has been distorting and subverting our elections for DECADES... Someone inform Ted that voting has proven to be inadequate as a source for reform. Also, please inform Donald Turmp Jr. that the Republican Party IS NOT OUR Party... unless Sen. Mitch McConnell and Ronna McDaniel (the daughter of Mit Romney and the Chairperson of the RNC), are our leaders.  A bunch of someone's DIDN'T GET THE MEMO  that the GOP was Trump's Party.

    I agree with Donald Jr... We need to be the Party of Common Sense... Yeah, please order a double helping of common sense. Then begin the reform process with a proper evaluation of who has the power in the Party and get rid of those who KILLED TRUMP's REELECTION bid.  Common sense says that reform might start with getting all of the supposed RED States to pass Resolutions in their legislatures, declaring the 2020 Election a total FRAUD... along with getting rid of all of the GOP leaders who claim there was no fraud... Those ignoring the fraud all need to be officially thrown out of the party...  as they left it long ago, to join their friends on the other side of the Isle.  If the GOP is Trump's Party... if it is our Party... it needs to reflect his and our values, not those of the Marxist and Globalist deep state.  We don't need more bipartisanship. We need to get rid of the idiots who believe that such crap works.

    Sen Cruz... Get real, fire whoever it is that is feeding your delusional characterization of the GOP's problems... we need leaders who attack the real problems, not those who hallucinate and continue using the same failed formulas to reform our Party and the government... it isn't and hasn't worked for decades.  In today's market of sensationalism, Great Speeches rarely translate into effective action.  WAKE THE 'H' UP.  If we are going to win this war we must target the real problems... and the first place to target is our internal leadership problems. Get rid of the phony leadership and two-faced traitors who are leading the Party.  Any attempts to reform the government, short of starting with a makeover in the GOP leadership, are doomed for more of the same... Failure and Fraud. 

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