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  • Thank you Cruz for the giggle! Now how about some serious proposed legislation, before all faith is lost in government and law and the people once more revert to "Self Law."

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain 

  • let's turn congressional offices and chambers into housing for homeless vets

  • Even in the time of Christ the Blind Beggars found pleasure in kicking the Lepers! 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • When "We as Citizens" allow ourselves to be drawn into the decisive concept of "Us against Them", the Rich Business Owners and the Poor Tax Burdened Working Stiffs, " We" allow the Progressive Socialist Democratic MEDIA/Politicians to take the focus off their projects of Illegal Aliens Importation, Endorsing the destructive activities of Antifa and the BLM, the stripping away of American Production, Jobs and Security, the Monthly Increase of Homicide Rates from September 2019 of 1,115 to September of 2021 of 11,600! Why is it we never hear those very same Progressive Socialist Democratic MEDIA/Politicians tell "Us" the facts that 10% of the Rich Americans pay 90% of All the Taxes. If we continue to look for enemies from within, we will destroy ourselves. Our enemies are from outside Our Citizenry and "Stoke the Fires of the Progressive Socialist Democratic MEDIA/Politicians" to keep "Us" separated and disorganized. 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • For some reason Our ("ILLEGAL") Immigration System affects the Working Class in a NEGATIVE WAY(Taxpayers foot the Bills for anything the Illegals Need)-!!! and as for the WEALTHY BUSINESS' OWNERS are affected in a POSITIVE WAY(Cheap Labor means MONEY)-!!! WHEN POLITICIANS, MEDIA and The WEALTHY can CONDITION YOU to view "RIGHT to look like "WRONG" and "WRONG" look like "RIGHT" is The Best Example of Being "BRAINWASHED"

  • I would send all the black people to Kamala Harris home and invade all the Democratic party with some of the Republicans 

  • I agree 100% and don't forget to send some illegals to Bill Gates mention 

  • I totally agree with Mr. Cruz.  The people who can afford to live in Martha's Vineyard have more money than we would live in lower income places.  I'm sure they are not being hounded by descisions of how to pay their electric/water bill, or, purchase groceries, medication or normal everyday living.  I'm sure that these illegal people would be much happier in their lovely town.

    • Sounds like a good way to punish the wealthy for doing all the crap.....but these people need to be kept OUT of the country, they are not a good addition to our country!

  • That would be so SWEET 

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