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  • Ok, I don't think "we" are the ones in trouble here; perfectly willing to bet Senator Cruz WILL straighten out pompous military mouth piece.

  • General Austin, I too served in the military and I did it for 39 years on active duty.  I completely agree with Senator Cruz.  I can speak out on this issue because I actually served.  So if the requirement is that to comment you must have served, I qualify.  Before General Officers speak out on issues I would suggest they acquaint themselves with UCMJ Article 88.

    • Christopher, isn't it also against military law  for the CIC to use the USMC for their own person vendetta ?  Keeping in mind that I too was in the military for four years. What biden is doing reminds me of what hitler did during ww2.

  • Pathetic what happens when our VP commits treason and our judges refuse to follow the constitution, plus the military refused to do as Presdent Trump asked and now we have an illegal person in the

    WH this is an abomination for our nation we have lost it. No worship of God anymore. My heart breaks Thank you Sen. Cruz for standing for us.

    • The demoscum is being controlled, and backed by the chinks, And unfortunantely  a lot of people think biteme is king.

  • Thank you Senator Cruz. Where are the other republican Senators standing up for the rights of citizens and holding government officials to the oath they are pledged to uphold.

  • Mil must not be politicians

  • Hey White People!!!......When the Democrats tell you to board the trains.....................DON'T DO IT!!!


  • C.C.P.Playbook in action.

  • The Public needs to be very concerned about the quality and loyalty of their local SHERIFF... he is the senior Constitutional Law Enforcement Officer in the County... the sheriff has great police powers to reign in overreaching government and local criminal activity... and corruption.   The right Sheriff in the office can nullify a lot of the problems with the administration of the law; while, balancing the civil and constitutional rights of citizens. against the overreach of the State.

    Contact your local Sheriff and find out where he stands on such critical issues such as the defense of the: 1st, 2d, 4th, 5th and 6th, 9th, and 10th Amendments... let them know that you expect them to DEFEND THE CIVIL  AND CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of the County's citizens against government usurpations and overreach.  Ask him what he would do if the Federal Government with the aid of the State or not... attempts to take our 2d Amendment right to keep and bear arms... will he intervene to arrest misguided federal and or state law enforcement... will he organize committees of safety (militia or posses) too lawfully protect our Constitutional and Civil rights? 

    If so, has he plans in place to start now... as waiting to act later may not give him time to prepare a proper and legal resistance to federal or state abuses.  Ask them if the State's Sheriff's Organization is behind defending local populations against government overreach...

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