• Sen Cruz is spot on..... HR1 must NEVER pass. 

  • If this passes I believe it will be the last straw for America

  • If HR 1 is passed we need to take to the streets of every city and town. We need to resist this obscene power grab and revolt. We will need to take this Country back, by any means necessary.

  • Right On Ted!

  • Way to go Ted

  • Boy do we need Sen. Cruz.  

  • Boy Cruz is quite good. Lays it out perfectly. If HR1 passes there should be a revolution in this country.

    • hr 1 is unconstitutional.  congressCANNOT abort the Constitution by legislation, or shouldn't be able to but they have eviscerated the 2nd Amendment by unconstitutional crap they passed!!!!!  It is time for We the People to revolt against tyranny as our founders did.  I no longer recognize this illegitimate federal government as having any authority over me.  I WILL NOT COMPLY with tyrannical actions/orders!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ted Cruz is a patriot, definitely not one of the deep state gop establishment TRAITORS!!!!!!!!!!  That is why the satanic leftists hate him so much!!!!!!!!!!


    • He's our best in the Senate!

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