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  • Sounds to me like the Biden Administration is conducting a Criminal Enterprise.... Isn't that a R.I.C.O. Statute violation? And, could the Greyhound Bus Company be sued under R.I.C.O., also? If, aiding and abetting the movement of people who committing crimes is a criminal act in itself, then local Sheriffs and County Prosecutors should become involved to arrest and prosecute Greyhound bus drivers who travel through their jurisidictions.

    • Pax...

      The BUS DRIVERS must know that the individuals he is transporting are illegally in the Country before the Driver can be charged with aiding and abetting a crime... with the Border Patrol and INS Services dropping these illegal's off at the Bus Station, and buying their tickets, the Drivers and Greyhound assume they are legally present in the USA... and they actually may be here legally; once, they are given a court appearance date and released into the country. These illegal aliens, in effect, are pending court and have been released on a 'personal appearance bond'... making their presence in the USA temporarily legal.

      However, the entire 'catch and release process is a government conspiracy to circumvent the 'Immigration and Naturalization Act'... and is 'obstruction of justice and/or 'aiding and abetting' a criminal enterprise. The Border Patrol and INS, thru the 'catch and release' program, are enabling an administrative 'criminal process' to circumvent the statutory law.  They KNOW IT IS ILLEGAL and are therefore aiding ad abetting a criminal act. Thus, becoming co-conspirators to 'illegal human trafficking' among other crimes.  IMO.

  • I hope someone there is handing out maps to Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Harris,Obama, Clinton, Swalwell, Nadler, Klobuchar, Omar, Tlaib, O.A.C.'s houses.  and others.

    Don't forget the maps to the"STARS".

  • How do the migrants know that the signs don't lead to a trap?

    • I see you are new to this!!!

    • All you have to see is history in any number of countries throughout the world. We are the last stop.

    • Trap? What trap?  Do you mean the one whereby the illegal alien is put up in a motel, processed, given cash, and a bus ticket to any location in the US and then released into our interior..Do you mean that trap?

  • Biden and the Marxist Democrats are reacting to the border crisis ... they are aiding and abetting it.  The crisis on our Southern Border is an INVASION, not IMMIGRATION.

    Immigration is the orderly and lawful act of entering a Nation to acquire Citizenship thru a lawful naturalization process.  What is happening along our southern border is not lawful nor directed at acquiring US Citizenship... it is about overwhelming our social services, accessing and destroying our public health system, and ultimately destroying our soverignty thru the use of Mass Migration as a tool of asymmetrical warfare.

    The States have a Constitutional right and duty to defend against acts of war against the Union and their state... See Article 1, Section 10, Clause 3.  It states,  no State may engage in war (defense of its borders) "... unless actually invaded, or in such imminent danger, as will not admit of delay." Quote from the US Constitution.  Our Southern border States are being invaded by the drug cartels, and mass migration, sponsored by foreign sovereigns. 

    The mass migration along our Southern Border is not legal immigration... it is an unlawful act of asymmetrical war, it is an invasion.  As such, the Southern Border States have every legal and Constitutional right to defend their border, until the Federal Government satisfactorily relieves them, as required by Article 4, Section 4 of the US Constitution.

    • Do you have evidence that the migrants/drug cartels are on a mission to seize physical control of US territory? 

    • First, I never said the Cartels are interested in seizing control of the USA... it is the Marxist sovereigns, our neighbors South of our Border, who are working to overthrow the USA.   The Cartels are focused on running their criminal enterprises and are willing to work within the capitalist system.  Marxist states are notoriously very hard on criminals... killing them or sending them to their neighbors as migrants to help destabilize non-marxist states.  Cuba is a good example of how communist nations deport their unwanted criminals by sending waves of them to the USA.

      The Communist Manifesto and history demonstrate the intent of Marxism and its adherents... to dominate the world.  America being Marxism's greatest enemy has become the target of mass migration as the Marxist attempt to destabilize and overload our social welfare systems and economy.   Our neighboring Marxist states are funding and supporting the mass migration of their indigent and criminal populations to the USA.

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