Ted Cruz asks for probe into Twitter over US sanctions against ...

We've mentioned in nearly every single one of our posts about this week's dustup between the president and Twitter that the Ayatollah has an account on the company's platform, where he routinely spouts dangerously anti-American rhetoric, without drawing even a whiff of scrutiny from Twitter (or the American left),

Now, as the GOP cranks up the pressure on Trump's (least) favorite social media company, Senator Ted Cruz is calling for a full-on investigation of how the company treats foreign leaders who use the platform. To be sure, this isn't exactly coming out of nowhere - Cruz led an earlier pressure campaign to convince Twitter to boot senior Iranian officials off the platform, even insinuating that not doing so would violate international sanctions against Iran, as Axios reported.

In a letter sent to the DoJ and the Treasury Department on Friday, Cruz asked Attorney General Bill Barr and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to investigate whether Twitter's refusal to comply with Cruz's request violates US sanctions prohibiting American companies from providing goods and services to senior officials of targeted nations.

Cruz isn't alone: Sen Josh Hawley suggested earlier this week that Twitter's move to affix these "warnings" to Trump's tweets was politically motivated. In a letter to Dorsey, Hawley wrote that the decision "raises serious questions about whether Twitter targeted the President for political reasons."
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  • Yes Col., YES!!!

  • Grow a pair, everyone with a lick of common sense knows that twitter, facebook, youtube, instagram are controlled by the left. The left is depraved, you have bill gates wanting to vaccinate the world to control the population through vaccination. I would only ask, how does that work? Would that mean killing off 47,000 or more American children like he did in Africa back in the early 2000s? How about that lying,vile pos zuckerberg? Time to shut down these anti-American medias. Quit playing games, let them go dark, the world will be a much better place. People will have to think for themselves and not be programmed as to what to think and say. The left has dumbed down America's children with public school indoctrination, now, they are dumbing down those that are suppose to be responsible adults with all the thought controlled social medias.

    TRUMP 2Q2Q, Making America Americans' Again!

  • Dorsey, and ugly Facebook boy need to be confined to Gitmo for a few years or banished to China!!

  • It is time to prosecute Twitter for violating US Sanctions against Iran by providing Twitter access and services to its citizens... both civil and CRIMINAL procedings need to be taken.  I would also suggest that the Logan Act be examined to see if Twitter's contacts with the leaders in Iran are a violation of the Logan Act as well as US Sanctions.  Throw the book at them... so to speak... prosecute Twitter on a whole host of possible crimes... and go after its executives as accomplices to the crimes

    • While enforcing the Logan Act, lets include Barack Obama and Joe Biden with the added charge of treason.


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