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  • The teachers union should be declared a terrorist group and forced to disband. 


    • My sons are all grown, but if they were in school today, I would sacrifice everything to get them out of public school system!

      I urge any and all parents to home school, or private, parochial or Christian school!  When the schools are forced to close due to lack of  attendance, they might come to their senses!


    I heard that producing well-informed future citizens is the prime goal of public education.

    Charter schools do that admirably.

    Unionized teachers associations revile and sabotage them for a reason.

    They head-and-shoulders outperform of the current entrenched system with no dues inflowing.

    And Teachers Unions can't have that, now can they?

    • Some charter schools are great, others not so much!

    • Charter Schools vary in their effectiveness from state to state and sometimes from School District to DIstrict... Privatizing public schools, eliminating mandatory student populations by district, and giving Parents Vouchers for the full amount of the state stipend for a child's education is the fastest and most effective way to restore excellence in American Education.  The current system is basically irredeemable. 

    • Great comment! Parents MUST take control of their own child's education! 
      The state wants to claim they have the rights over all children. 
      They must be proven wrong‼️

    • At least some semblence of competition exists with Charter schooling. An encouragement in striving to achieve is a cornerstone to the concept.

  • The Public Education System needs to be PRIVATIZED... shut down and defunded.  It is a total sham and a write-off. It is unsalvagable.  Defund the Public Schools by providing PARENTS VOUCHERS for the FULL AMOUNT the state provides to educate their children and allow parents to send their children to the school of their choice.  The result should be a massive rush to abandon the Public Schools or the Publis Schools to do a turnaround in response to parental demands.  Salaries for teachers need to be CUT not raised.  Salaries need to reflect student performance, not Union extorted compensation rates.

    We hire teachers to motivate and educate students... not to fund Union retirements and ideological indoctrination of our children.  If teachers are unable to provide quality instruction they need to be dismissed not given a pay raise.  Low-performing teachers need salaries that are commensurate with their performance.  We don't pay teachers to fill chairs or simply show up.  Salaries should be structured on a base plus a bonus for performance.  A base salary with a sliding bonus based on performance as measured by student competency exams and rates of promotion to the next level of education.

    End tenure and make it easier to remove low-performing teachers.... salary plus bonuses should work fine to do that.

  • It's time to dismantle the Dep't of Ed! It was started in 1979 & was immediately infiltrated by America's enemies with a goal to take over the minds of the children!  Now, some 40 years later, that mission has been met & higher education continues!  Decades ago, the Saudis gave nearly every State University & colleges & private schools millions of $'s to institute Islamic studies taught by 
    lslamic professors. Additionally, they funded millions of more monies for Muslim students to attend higher education schools & establish Islamic Student Associations that in these 40+ years have taken over, with leftists, nearly every campus student organization. 
    Stop infiltrated & oppressive NEA that is anti-America & anti-First Amendment & anti-Constitution!  Refuse to allow communist indoctrination & divisive actions to destroy our Nation. Dismantle the DOE & teacher unions!

    • "It's time to dismantle the Dep't of Ed!"

      Works for me (unlike the ED)!

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