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  • At least 5 or 6 states have outlawed such teaching! I can't imagine school boards can overrule a State Legislature AND the Governor!

    what a bunch of prideful and overgrown idiots!

    • Of course, they can ... since when does the left obey the law or the will of the existing government?  

      First, they will simply RENAME CRT and produce it in other forms.. maybe several other programs.  In any event, they will push it through unless the parents take their children out of public schools they will end up losing them to the indoctrination of Marxist Educators... and their DUPES... progressive liberals who see Marxism as a compromise and stepping stone to their own brand of dictatorial government.

    • I shall contact my Governor to see what he thinks the risk is?

  • Idiots they attacked the American flag and everything America stand for and they don't have to worried from the government coming after them, now who gave them those rights what it was the white men who signed our Declaration of Independence  notBLM or Antifa why my dog has more control on guarding my home then them giving any orders 


    • You know Lorenzo, you have a reasonable charm that is infectious.

      The more of your input I read, the more sincere it seems.

  • All public sector unions should be abolished!!!  

    • Yes, they have wore out their welcome. In the 1930's they were needed because of safety concerns in manufacturing but today we have many types of oversite committees to deal with safety. One being OSHA. Now they are corrupt & evil! 

  • The public sector California Teachers Union has been a plague in this state.


  • Teacher's Unions and Public Schools are gesping their last breaths. More and more parents are seeking alternative education for their kids, and THAT is a WONDERFUL thing!  Empty the classrooms, eliminate Liberal Teachers. Eliminate the teachers, the unions are no longer relevant, are they? LOL!! EVERYTHING is easy when the Right Unites, but getting them to DO that is the hard part. 

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