New York has contained the virus recently even as it surges in other parts of the country

New York City teachers took to the streets of Lower Manhattan on Monday afternoon to protest Mayor Bill de Blasio's proposed plan to reopen schools in just over a month's time.

Around 200 educators got creative and brought along a host of visual aids including homemade coffins, skeletons and guillotines to make their point - that they don't feel schools are safe to go back to, yet.

The protesters consisted of a mix of educators, parents and students who marched from the United Federation of Teachers Headquarters to the NYC Department of Education offices, chanting 'We demand safe schools!' and 'Hey-hey, ho-ho, Bill de Blasio has got to go!' 

One group carried a guillotine with the initials 'DOE' on the blade along with 'US' where a head would normally be while others carried coffin-like boxes and body bags. 

'Children cannot focus on schoolwork if their family members or teachers are in the hospital or dying,' said Frankie Cook,  a kindergarten teacher to the New York Post. 'Children cannot learn if they're dead.

'Schools will be like prisons. Teachers' main focus will be on enforcing health and safety because one slip could cause someone their lives,' Cook said. 

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  • The real danger as I see it is not so much the virus but the socialist teachers brainwashing our kids.

    • My sister, who is a teacher, was raised in a non-socialist environment. The teaching of this socialist agenda that she was to teach eventually started to make her believe their BS. So the curriculum brainwashed her. Who are the devils who are writing the curriculum that these teachers have to teach. If one is exposed to this socialist propaganda long enough it will rub off on even the most conservative teacher. It starts with the text book writers, in my opinion.

  • One person and one virus germ and the pandemic will continue. The ONLY WAY to stop the virus is to let it die with out passing it on to a new host. This will only take 45 days but everyone would have to isolate from the virous.  Most humas are not smart enough to figure this out. We could have stopped this virous months ago.

    • NOT POSSIBLE! If everyone were to isolate leaving just a few refusing infected people to roam free the virus would still run its course. The evidence of the Black Plaque and even the Spanish Flu of 1917/1918 proves the point. No vaccines then and the simplest of health care yet most of the planet survived. How so? Many humans had natural immunity which allowed for the continuation of life. This will happen now as well although our health care is much improved thereby allowing us to fight this virus more agressively than those in previous pandemics were able to do. No vaccine is 100% perfect as proven by the current flu vaccine where many who recieved the vaccine ended up getting the flu anyway although at a lesser degree for most.

      When preparing to go overseas years ago the nurse asked me if I had been vaccinated for small pox. I said yes and she claimed I was not since I had no vaccination mark. A doctor had to explain to her that many were already immune to small pox and therefore did not show the battle scar which would result after having been given the vaccine. I was already immune. Not all are susceptable to virus contraction and that too applies to this virus.

  • They don't have to be teachers if they don't want to.

    • Teaching is a job without a future 10 years from now.  Mediocre/average teachers will be changing professions since the very real future use of the internet will enable a SUPERIOR teacher to teach thousands of students over the net.  Maybe these future average/mediocre/boring/uninteresting teachers could be employed as parttime tutors.  If I were a teacher I would looking to, at least part time, train in another futuristic profession, like AI.


    • Sorry Louis... but the left already has enough AI ... in fact, that's all they have... not an intelligent one in the bunch.

  • Get rid of the teachers union and all public unions at once! That will solve the problem nationwide. I am sick of public unions coming after us taxpayers' hard earned money.

  • Two things: 

    1) If these teachers can assemble in large crowds to protest returning children to school without worrying about being infected by the COVID 19 virus they certainly should be able to establish policies to mitigate the potential for infection under careful discipline in a school gathering.

    2) It is time to get serious about paying individuals not to work... If the schools aren't opened the teachers should draw unemployment insurance only ... no pandemic stimulus.  Watch how Quickly these creative teachers discover the means to safely reopen Public Schools.  You will be surprised how quickly solutions appear when one's pocketbook is at risk. 

    • The good and intelligent Colonel once again surfaces the truth!  Trump needs to hire you as his personal advisor.

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