• dox them

  • Where are the outraged parents of these kids... or, sadly, are they okay with this classroom behavior.

  • All we have to do and say COME LORD JESUS COME QUICKLY 

  • It is sick the parents should take their children out of the public schools point and simple.

  • The sodomite needs to be arrested for sexual child molestation. This is no better than finding child porn on a persons computer. No sodomite should be allowed to teach our children. 

    • I agree with you 100% but on the other hand we have to see the time we are living in we are living in the last days the Bible declare those kind of things will occur 

    • Yes, will are in the last days but until the Rapture we fight for the souls of our children and grand children. We cannot hand them over to Satan and his sodomite imps.

    • We are already giving it to Satan because Satan is running the show right now

  • It is painfully obvious that our education system is broken beyond repair.  This teacher should be fired immediately.  The school board should be fired immediately.  It is time for conservative Americans to push back on all of these woke, leftist, communistic shinannigams ..... HARD.  Better to end these leftist actions with violence than to lose our children to the woke jackals.  Jackals die just like any other animal.

    • It's all said and good but no one is doing anything about this the government is controlled by Satan himself

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