The Inevitable Tax Solution



 To be clear no one will dispute the need to pay taxes to fund the states' and the nation's infrastructure and essential services. 

"One Tax For All", is the future tax system that will ensure a pro-growth economy for all citizens' to obtain more wealth and prosperity.

"One Tax For All" is a modern, efficient, simple, national sales and transaction tax system that guarantees all segments of our economy will be able to compete evenly in the pursuit of the American Dream.

250 years ago, Ben Franklin said, "There is nothing certain but death and taxes." 

It is certain we need taxes, but we need just "One Tax For All" to unleash the wealth of the Nation.”

It is undeniable and impossible for the tax systems we use today to collect enough taxes to keep up with the needs of our nation.  Ever-larger demands for infrastructure and government services will require a tax system that will collect enough taxes to balance the budget, pay down the debt, and benefit the economy.

Almost every economist will agree it is inevitable that a Sales and Transaction Tax System (STT) will be the final and best solution.  "One Tax for All" is:

  1. The sole and only tax collection system for all segments of the economy; no other taxes

  2. The lowest tax rate possible

  3. The easiest tax to administer and collect, with the least number of rules, laws, and regulations

  4. A tax system that spreads the tax burden evenly across all citizens, non-citizens, businesses, enterprises, and organizations; all segments of the economy (ASOE)

  5. A tax that creates maximum cash flow for the economy

  6. A tax that will collect enough funds to maintain a balanced budget

  7. A tax that will start to pay down our national debt

  8. A tax that will unleash the wealth of the United States to be the most competitive economy in the world

Food for thought... ( A national sale and transaction tax is not a VAT tax. A VAT tax is an extra tax that is added or piled onto other existing taxes. This is just “One Tax For All” – No other taxes!)

FOR MORE DETAILS AND FULL ARTICLE https://www.onetaxforall.com/the-details

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