• If sleepy Joe won't protect our families, some of them Democrats, in Afghanistan from beheadings, beatings and torture then what makes me think he will protect his opposition Tea Party members ? 


    ....them all and let God sort them out! 

    • BTW - I agree with you USA 4ME! Pile them so high even God will have a hard time with the count! 

  • Tea Party is already in action and has been for a very long time. Tea Party sends millions of emails weekly to Patriots across the world keeping them informed. If you don’t get our email alerts, then subscribe by clicking here: SUBSCRIBE  

    Also, Tea Party runs which is an independent expenditure political action committee also know as a ‘Super PAC’ Lean more by clicking here: Tea Party PAC

    Tea Party has endorsed many conservative candidates in past election cycles and has delivered over 11 million votes to President Trump on his first election and 8 million votes on his reelection.  

    Local Chapters and Rallies: Rallies and home meetings have become targets. The Left use of Gestapo tactics deploying Antifa and BLM militants to local homeowners using force, to silent them. Many  beating and threatening Mothers, Fathers and families have gone unreported by the media and when radicals have been apprehended they have been released without been charged.

    So, should we put our people in harms way so they can meet-up and march?

    Therefore, we will continue to work on the national level with top security having threat awareness.

    The days of home meetings and peaceful Tea Party marches are over, now we must be underground and well insulated from the rabid and deadly attacks from the Left.

    On a personal note: I have been pushed, slapped, lied about, my home has been targeted, my cars have been vandalized, my family moved to secret locations, many cyber-attacks and credit attacks has been aimed at me. I’ve been shot at, more than once and those who work with the Tea Party have experienced the same life-threatening attacks.

    So how can we publish where and when Grandma is going to have a Tea Party meet-up? …and how can we (in good conscience) form a rally? What will be the body count?

    My crime? Being a Patriot and co-founder of the Tea Party.

    You want to have an impact? Quietly build a voting block with your neighbors, friends and family, donate to the various candidates and VOTE and have all your silent voting block members vote as well.

    I hope this will answer your question and I’m SURE it was not the response you were looking for.

    Steve Eichler

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