• Apparently, they either lacked the will or honor to do otherwise... resign or go along would have been their choice .. they didn;t resign.

  •   We just have the keys to a kingdom to people who thought a two story cave was paradise twenty years ago. 

    • How much military technology does the Chinese not currently know and copy, will they gain by this (for they surely will)?

  • I can almost smell these goat-friggin' ragheads through my laptop screen.

  • Obviously all the members of the Taliban are demon possessed...and any Muslims that agree with them are also.

  • How do they know how to fly the aircraft? Unless, they were part of the Afghan forces that fell apart. This looks like a false flag set up by the CIA. This is the CIAs drug running operation, because of the Opium. Just like the drugs pouring into our country. 

    • years ago, I heard they were being trained here in the US.  I thought at the time, that is really strange...

    • The US probably trained them like they did every other dirtbag in the world!


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