In a move that looks not in the least bit sketchy, the former lead prosecutor for special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation will be the head fundraiser of a campaign event for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Fox News reported Thursday that Andrew Weissmann, previously a Mueller deputy and currently a New York University law professor, will be headlining a “virtual fireside chat” on June 2.

The event will be moderated by former New Jersey Attorney General Anne Milgram.

According to the New York Post, Milgram is also an NYU law professor, although this is one of the less-concerning felicitous coincidences surrounding the event.

It’ll be taking place on Zoom, as so much of our cultural life does nowadays. An invitation from Biden’s “Victory Fund” said “guests who RSVP by making a contribution … will be sent instructions for how to join via Zoom.”

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  • Gentle readers whilst I sit here tastefully attired in my official Virgina “My Governor is an idot” tee shirt and I do wish to gently point ot the fomer Attorney General of the United States of  America the “Honoable” Jefferson "Jeff" Beauregard Sessions III that he was so intent on becoming the eighty-fourth Attorney General of the United States of  America he neglected to mention to President Donald John Trump that if per chance the “Honorable” Charles Ellis Schumer the senior senator from the “magifiecentt” Empire state of New York were to recuase himself in any cases involing President Donald John Trump. Therefor I can perfectly understand why the president would feel that  ” Jefferson "Jeff" Beauregard Sessions III  was too intellectually challenedged for the position. Of course my old Army friends friends from our “fun” days in the verdant jungles of Vietnam would swear he was not playing with a full deck of cards. Of course  I gentle readers would politely demure and that in point of fact he was playing with a full deck of cards except they were all jokers. Gentle reader I must confess that I have a very strong bias against  the “magifiecentt” Empire state of New York because I married my ex–wife there. Whenever I am asked about a prior marriage, I tell people that I introduced my ex-wife to her current husband a week after I finished reading “The Prince” by Niccolò Machiavelli5307138452?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • Wiessman is a dirty prosecutor and should be in jail for what he did to Enron and what he did with the Trump investigation.  I guess dirty people like to support one another.  Both should be in jail, Biden for using his office to get a Ukrainian prosecutor fired for looking into the corrupt activities of Burisma which his son was a part of.

    • that's the role of the Democratic party

  • what's wrong with this picture? here we have a guy who is running for the president of the United States is in bad shape all ready wow, wow, I never experience in all my life I lived here in America.

  • The swamp is still full of evil creatures, hell bent on the destruction of America!  It must be drained! It must be replaced with a beautiful river of clear, cool, clean water that refreses all who gather at her banks!

  • Surprise, surprise, surprise.. remember the scales of justice are balanced.. if you are a Dem and loyal...the FBI, 99.9% are "honest", the higher ups are the problem...question: why were there "0" whistle blowers over the past 3.5 years?

    • Oh there were a few whistleblowers.............only problem is, most of them are in body bags.

  • I am a nasty old retired federal law enforcement office over fifty years’ experience at all levels of law enforcement and I love telling “I am so old jokes.” I am so old that and I worked for Rudy Giuliani when we were chasing cocaine cowboys down in Florida back when we both young and good looking (at least I was) and I still have a full head of dark hair. I am the only cop local, state or federal who never had his picture taken with Don Johnson of “Miami Vice” fame or was it shame. I am so old that I knew Robert Swain Muller III when he was a dashing young second lieutenant of United States Marine Corps Reserve. On the plus side he tried to better himself when he went to Army Airborne and Ranger Schools! Honestly I always thought he was a pompus ass! 

    • Obviously, NOT a model Marine...............being a traitor to his country

    • I have heard Marines bragging about Lee Harvey Osdwald saying a Marine could make that of course that was one of the town cops in Quantico snd trying to get them back to their barracks when they were three sheets to the wind.  

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