• Hey Swallowswell, who is it this week Newsom, Schumer, or Hunter and Brandon together.

    • Swallowswell... David that's a keeper!!!! LOL.......

  • "Swilmore" says threats justify gun control. Flash back 1940 - We were hesitant to board the train, but the young German Soldier armed with a machine gun told us: "Fur Ihre Sicherheit" - It's "For Your Safety" and today we all know how that turned out for 6 million Jews and 9 million Polish people!

  • When will these morons realize we will never give up our guns

  • Will somebody take him to the train station!!

  • The satanist communists think they deserve to rule over We the People despite what the Constitution they have such disdain for says!!!!!  I WILL NOT COMPLY with tyranny!!!!!  I will oppose tyranny with every bit of the ability my old, disabled body will allow!!!!!  I am a veteran who defended the freedom of people in foreign lands and have no intention of surrendering to tyranny in my homeland!!!!!  swallwell is a TRAITOR who not only violates the Constitution but has sold us to the chicoms and sold his soul to satan for power, wealth, and prestige in this life!!!!!  He will spend his eternity in the Lake of Fire with the rest of his ilk!!!!!  I pray for his kind daily but they are too stupid and too arrogant to ever repent!!!!!!!!!!

    • 🤙

  • Hey smellbad, please take a LONG walk on a SHORT pier and remove yourself from OUR misery!!

  • He knows nothing about America, he cares nothing about America, a man who sleeps with the enemy cannot be trusted!

  • He sleeps with the enemy --who cares ?


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