Although early reports suggested that he was fleeing the scene of a crime, others have noted that the social media footprint of the suspect in the SUV massacre contains numerous anti-white violent threats in addition to pro-BLM rhetoric.

Darrell Edward Brooks Jr, a 39-year-old black male with a long criminal history, has been identified as the individual allegedly responsible for the horrific rampage in Waukesha, Wisconsin which killed at least five and injured dozens of others, some of them children.

Early reports emerged claiming that the culprit was fleeing the scene of a crime or running from a “knife fight,” although this hasn’t been confirmed and authorities say they are still open to the notion that the tragedy was a terror attack.

As Eric Striker notes, Brooks Jr’s criminal record is lengthy.


“Media reports have confirmed the identity of the alleged driver, Darrell E. Brooks, a registered sex offender who admitted in a video that he pimps children. The career criminal was released back into the streets on a paltry $1000 bond despite being charged with bail-jumping and facing a plethora of violent felonies and misdemeanors just over two weeks ago, according to Wisconsin Court Records.”

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  • The odds are this individual's bad behavior has been continually excused from the First Grade on as His crimes escalated. Perhaps every bleeding heart that had given him a pass previously should have a loved one removed from them, never to be seen or heard from again.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • hopefully this will also open the door law enforcement not enforcing laws and allowing those who have no respect of others out in the world and putting others in harms way and holding officials accountable who release individuals like this 

  • Be aware, we are currently under a sort of occupation of an anti American authority. NOTHING IS AS IT HAD BEEN...NOTHING!   That's my considered opinion.

    • I agree.


  • We need to hold those, who free these criminals, legally, criminally, and morally responsible. They have violated their oath of office, and failed to protect Americans.

    • And n ow overt about it because they don't care if we know.


  • We need more Kyle Rittenhouse to get rid of BLM and Antifa trash.

  • No doubt that Joy Reid land others of her ilk will find some way to lionize or somehow martyr this sick individual. Either that or it will somehow be Trump's fault. Or white people's fault, or anybody's fault except for the racist crap stirrers in the media.

    • Exactly the reason I don't lsiten to those twirps.


  • Hope they put him away forever

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