• The Xiden Administration has a real problem with truths.  The more they lie and get caught, the more they lie.

  • Vaccines that have been tried and tested in studies prior to giving it to the population to ensure safety. The COVID vaccine has not gone through the rigors of testing as the other vaccines have. The deaths from all other vaccines the US requires is less than 1500 people. CMS alone shows more than 46,000 people dying within 14 days of vaccination. Since the deaths happen before 14 days they are not considered vaccinated and not considered vaccine related deaths. The other vaccines do not cause masses to form in the brain, lungs, liver, kidneys, or pancrease as the COVID vaccine does. There is a mountain of evidence that the lame stream media refuses to report on that proves the vaccine is killing those who choose to get it.

  • This idiot is a lier alone with the other idiots 

  • It's a well-documented historical fact that Washington had his troops vaccinated against smallpox.  He, himself, had contracted smallpox during the French and Indian War.  His doctors were divided 50/50 on the issue of vaccination.  I have lectured on the Revolutionary War for decades.

  • The difference IS.....covid has several cures, people don't have to die from it......they conveniently keep ignoring the truth and pushing their agenda!

  • If he said "Variolation" it would have been more accurate.  As for 'mandatory?'  Don't know.

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