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    • "IF THEY CHEAT ON MAIL-IN BALLOTS?" Thousands of fake drivers licenses have been intercepted in an American airport, coming from China. How long before thousands of fake ballots show up, either from China or from Democrat supporters like George Soros? The only way the democrats can win 2020 is by cheating!

    • Trump should find a way to cancel the election. We all know that he'd win fair elections with a landslide victory. No need to actually vote. The demonrats and their cheating undermine the democratic process anyway.

  • I am as much against yhe leftist demorat party as any American patriot would be However the slave owning was from 200 years ago !!

    Anyone whose family has nothing to hide from 200 years ago cast the first stone. The KKK was de deomrat army in the day, now its BLM (Burn, Loot, Murder)





















  • Remember ownership of slaves by ones ancestors, is not a problem for Democrats only Republicans, after all they were the slave owners in the days of the southern plantations.  Democrats have had their progressive friends rewrite history to blame it on the south which of course is mostly Republican now, omitting the fact that it was Democratic at the time of the plantations.  They have other lies that they also put forth when this is pointed out.  As a side note, we all know that Joe did not pick Kamala it was the people handling things for Joe (DNC, etc.) since he does not have the mental capability.

  • If kamala's mother was born in East India, and her father was a british subject of Jamaica, were in the U.S.with green cards when she was born, how is it that she qualifies to run for the presidency? We all know quid pro quo joe obiden is in hillary's cross hairs.

    • Michael, you are correct.  The left has already started claiming that she is a natural born citizen, because of the 14th amendant, and that she was born on american soil. They are gearing up their propaganda machine. So when they need to replace Biden the ground work will already be done. They got it to work for obama so they have precedence, because the gutless gop did nothing. The founding fathers would never consider the offspring of a male foreign national to be "a natural born citizen". Hopefully this will be a moot point and Trump will win, but it is a point that needs to be clarified for the future. The left will keep trying to destroy any part of America they can.


  • slave master for the new plantation.

  • Maybe she will be shelling "reparation" from her bank account to demonstrate to the rest of us how it's done.....NOT.

  • Get on twitter and retwwet tis all over the planet!

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