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  • To Mr Bond!

    the problem with something that took place 200 years ago is that black people today are still bitter over slavery, even though

      #1 no living person was a slave in this country at the time of slavery

    #2  our country went to war to free the slaves, the only country EVER to do so

    #3 the cost was high: more than 500,000 deaths, huge financial cost, a decimated economy that took decades to recover from

    #4 today, a terrible lack of gratefulness, a very bad attitude!

    you would think today's black folks, and especially her! would be grateful. But that bitterness keeps popping up but never where it should be if at all, against her!


    Harris plays the race card to benefit herself, but all I see is the giant chip on her shoulder, and a very sorry "you owe me" attitude!

     So yes it was a very long time ago, yet she shouldn't be playing the race card! Her family owned slaves - she was never a slave! It's an important point to be made‼️

  • Efforts are underway by powerful and politically influential interests in the US and overseas to:

    1.  mandate Covid 19 vaccinations for everyone on the planet which have not been tested on animals with fast-tracked, never-before-approved vaccines that can alter genes, or a which use tissue from aborted children; 

    2.  require 19 vaccination “passports” for employment, travel, or attendance of children at public or private schools; 

    3.  use cell phones to track vaccine or quarantine compliance.

    Citizens can still impact the outcome of these proposals.

    In two articles and podcasts,  I show citizens how to protect their rights, with in-depth research vetted by two physicians.

    Podcast Short Version:  Perilous Quest to Fast-track a Covid-19 Vaccine

    Podcast Long Version:  The Covid 19 Vaccine: Confusion, Difficulties, Dangers

    Print Version:  Perilous quest to fast-track a Covid-19 vaccine

    Print Version:   The Covid 19 Vaccine: Confusion, Difficulties, Dangers

    Hon. Bob Marshall
    (1992-2018 VA General Assembly)




    Summary: The Covid 19 Vaccine: Confusion, Difficulties, Dangers
    Efforts are underway by powerful and politically influential interests in the US and overseas to: Mandate Covid 19 vaccinations for everyone on the p…
    • To require such vaccinations is TERRIBLE‼️. However possible, we MUST FIGHT THIS‼️

  • Blacks should never ask for reparations for slavery.

    Reparations were more than paid by the Civil War which cost the lives of over 500,000 people and many 1000's of dollars and ended slavery!

    🇺🇸we are the only country that has ever existed that went to war for such a cause!  🇺🇸 ‼️

    kamala should ask blacks for forgiveness for her own heritage descended from slave owners, and she should pay reparations to the United States government for the money it cost‼️

  • @victormarx This video filmed in 1969 will shock you at how relevant and effectively exposes what certain groups are trying again to do. Will you as a American and Christian allow it to happen? #victormarx #blm #usa #christian #standup

  • Biden/Harris don't stand a chance against Trump/Pence in November. Who would want to run against Trump and his impeccible record anyway? Only delusional demonrats!!!


    • The democrats have put together a ticket that has absolutely NO CHANCE of winning a free and fair election. And what’s more, they obviously know it.

      The question is: WHY ??

      This would certainly suggest they plan to STEAL the election one way or another. We are dealing with the most ruthless psychopaths ever to be involved in American politics. Nothing, repeat NOTHING, is out of bounds for these people. Take the time to watch the left wing propaganda networks like MSNBC, CNN, or NBC. Their smug arrogance and air of confidence will tell you that a plan is definitely in the works. It has the same look and feel as when “The Imposter from Kenya” was running. We probably won’t see their plan unfold until the moment of truth arrives. Expect massive voter fraud and intimidation in every key state. We must hope that the Trump campaign and supporters are ready for any and all possibilities. America’s future being decided at the ballot box seems very unlikely.

    • I expect M A S S I V E VOTER FRAUD from the Democrats.

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