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    • May I suggest she be a candidate to scrutinize for removal..

  • How can we just go along after someone in such a high position as a Supreme Court Justice, says something so disgraceful? How she was ever allowed into her position with views like this makes me so angry at the Republicans. They NEVER do what they bi@(h and complain about later. Grow a damn spine and do your friggin' job for once as a PROACTIVE leader rather than sitting back and complaining as a Reactive drag type of leader that can't undo his own shoelaces. 

    • Meghan, why are you upset with the Republicans, Obama put her on the court.  You seem to be as intellegent as Sotomayor.  


    • So damn Unnecessary. I thought we were all on the same side here. I blame the republicans for not doing their job when they were going through the approval process for Sotomayor, hence my proactive vs reactive comment. Sorry you disagree but no need to shitty to my pov, just state your opinion and leave the rude comments to the people who really need them like the judge and not me. 

    • Sooooo, right.



  • She is a brain  dead fool. 

  • New Republican, The point both you and the Justice failed to include was the complete lack of a "Steady Heartbeat." Yes, I am completely aware of what dead men can do. Have you ever seen them dance when on fire? They do you know. We are told they feel no pain, yet I still wonder. 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Ha, Ha. Thats is funny. sorry, not.


    • Lynn Bryant DeSpain,

      The heart begins beating and is detectable at 6 weeks. I did not include that since, I assumed, it was a given. That is why some states have passed a heart beat bill that has made the lefts heads explode. I have seen video of abortions at 5 weeks and the fetus still moves away from the tissue grinder. Maybe they need to rethink when a fetus becomes aware.


    • Excuse me for jumping in.   IMHO, it is a right or wrong, not a time thing.  How is it ok to kill your baby today and not tomorrow?

      I never thought of the Constitution as a TIME document.   It's either Constitutional or it is unConstitutional both today and tomorrow.   Just my opinion.

      And the pregnancy prevention products are so much more advanced than they were when Rowe became law.


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