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  • She is a brain  dead fool. 

  • New Republican, The point both you and the Justice failed to include was the complete lack of a "Steady Heartbeat." Yes, I am completely aware of what dead men can do. Have you ever seen them dance when on fire? They do you know. We are told they feel no pain, yet I still wonder. 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Ha, Ha. Thats is funny. sorry, not.


    • Lynn Bryant DeSpain,

      The heart begins beating and is detectable at 6 weeks. I did not include that since, I assumed, it was a given. That is why some states have passed a heart beat bill that has made the lefts heads explode. I have seen video of abortions at 5 weeks and the fetus still moves away from the tissue grinder. Maybe they need to rethink when a fetus becomes aware.


  • The Justice is actually correct in a limited way. Yes a brain dead person can have a reflexive withdrawal away from a stimulant, in most cases pain. In all of my years as a provider have I ever seen a brain dead patient withdraw from tactile (touch) stimulation. I have seen brain dead patients withdraw from painful stimuli. So her point, for the medical community, proves that a "fetus" moves away from the tissue grinder due to painful stimuli. Either that or the "fetus" moves away from the tissue grinder due to its brain telling it there is danger which means the "fetus" is aware of its surroundings. Either case means abortion kills a human being capable of feeling.

  • If Sotomayer actually believes this to be fact without any medical/scientific training background, then she should have absolutely no issues with the "Separate but Equal Law", that stood for years allowing segregation from drinking fountains, schools, restrooms and cafes, into Present Day! After all the same basis of logic holds true. And the unborn baby kicking could just as easily be a corpse in a coffin? No one, not even a former attorney is that dumb!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • She is about as dumb as you can get. 

  • It's amazing how brain dead and cold hearted some people can feel toward an unborn child. 

  • Not smart to make an examble of yourself..

  • Did she get on bench through "Affirmative Action/"   Clarence Thomas did himself proud.  He was calm, direct and clear. His question in my view, were the best. Glad he's there.

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