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  • If anything is brain dead it, is you! Never has a woman of power as you have done more to murder babies then you.

  • This are the stupid idiots that want to have the power to control your children .Her mother should had gotten an abortion before bringing this idiot to the world 


  • She was born dead and dumb for sure.

  • Is it not possible to remove a SCOTUS for INCOMPETENCE?   For diminished capacities?   Like the 25th Amendment?

    • Yes, but just not done. I can't recall the year or the name, but there was one who was totally out of it and they covered for him until he died.

    • Abort her!



    • Seriously, all these crazy leftists are so into abortion.....why don't they make it a habit, don't reproduce.

    • Article III. They are seated only a long as they are in "Good Behavior," and only to receive compensation only while seated. Good behavior refers back to them forming opinions that are "under" the Constitution (Art. III), and that the Supreme Law of the Land, Art VI, is the Constitution, not the court. It should also be recognized by the courts that the Declaration is also a legal document, as both were written by lawyers to address two different groups, one is to bind Govco and the other to free people to live Godly lives, and also to authorize We the People to form government and to remove government and then restructure government as to seem best for our future and happiness. 

    • Totaly agree, but the curent congress and senate will do nothing unless its overturned. (Roe)


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