• If the demo-socialist's bring up Merrick Garland's name as an excuse for Trump not to act; I would remind them that the great obama also made the statement, "I won, you lost, deal with it".


    • No one here respects Saul Alinsky, much less will fall like a dupe for his self serving hypocrisy. Good luck with that. The American people did have a say when they elected a populist president and a GOP Senate majority.  So lets just accept actions on that premise, shall we?

      My civil rights, freedoms, and liberties are placing great store in that, particularly my Second Amendment affirmed unabridgable right to self defense, especially to keep and bear arms. That one recieved scant support from the late Justice.

    • I'm wondering out loud.. but in response to your post.. when Justice Scalia died in February of 2016, I think Obama was confident enough in his thinking that Hillary was going to win; and even though he put Merrick Garland's name forward, I don't really recall him putting up a stink when they decided not to go forward with the proceedings. I think - and mind you- as I said, I'm not sure; but I think he was leaving Garland to have Hillary put him on the bench. When President Trump won, it caught everyone off guard and they knew Garland wasn't going to make it. It's just a suppostion. I have no facts to back this up. I work in the court system here in Massachusetts and we just lost our Supreme Court Justice this past Monday. I met him once. I don't know if Charlie Baker is going to put a name forward or not. He may let it slide until after the election as we're going to be electing a new governor in November. He may not. So we're in the same boat.


  • Maybe we can now get some order on the supreme court when President Trump can get another justice approved.

    • I doubt there will be any order connected to a nominee to replace Ginsburg. If Biden gets elected he will follow the lead of his VP, Harris, in his appointment of what will be seen as a radical left wing nominee. If Trump remains president he will be thwarted in choosing a nominee not only by the democrats but but a number of his own party, Collins and Romney to name two, who will oppose his choice. 

    • And don't forget Murkowski.. she's another one who's sided with the Dems more than once..

    • With the Nation in a sobering turmoil as it is, do you really think a jaded "business as usual" attitude can be held by anyone in Congress, SCOTUS, or the Administration? Besides the whole world being turned upside down with the USA in the middle, this President, his supporters, and his family, has been raked over the coals feloniously, and seditiously by deep staters. The idea of "nothing has changed or will change" just does not ring true for me.

      It is political death on ice to play politics for ulterior reason, with the Nation watching and suffering. I think the Democrats are backed into a corner and shall find this out shortly in less than 45 days.

  • I have a hard time feeling bad!

    • So Just be honest and REJOICE, REJOICE, REJOICE, thank God and REJOICE!



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