• Hypocrite right up to the end, with her reported death bed wish... that no appointment to fill her seat should be made until after the election.

    Justice Ginsburg had previously supported election-year appointments to the Supreme Court when Judge Merrick Garland was nominated in 2016, the Washington Free Beacon reports.

    Ginsburg criticized Senate Republicans after Justice Antonin Scalia died in 2016 for refusing to consider Garland to replace Scalia... 2016 was an election year.  She went on to say: "That's their job," as reported in The New York Times July of 2016.  She further stated: "There's nothing in the Constitution that says the president stops being president in his last year."

    Even in death, this left wing radical could not be consistant in her findings or desires... she kept the faith with the liberal dogma... by any means necessary... shameless to the end.

    Ginsburg Supported Election-Year Confirmations and Opposed Court Packing - Washington Free Beacon
    Ginsburg's past comments on court packing and election year judicial nominations loom large over the forthcoming battle for her Supreme Court seat.
  • To be honest i'm glad that she is not here anymore

  • The debate over President Trump's right to nominate a Supreme Court Justice before the pending election has no legal foundation... Under the Constitution, the President may appoint Justices to the Supreme Court as long as he holds the Office of President. The US Senate may confirm his appointments to the Supreme Court as long as they are in session.

    Serious legal questions for the 2020 election are before the Courts and more are likely to come... The SCOTUS must have all 9 Justices seated when they hear these cases. A tie vote on any of the election cases could create a Constitutional Crisis as great as the Civil War.

    We know there will be additional serious challenges to the results of this election... that those legal challenges are likely to be fast-tracked to the SCOTUS for resolution.  The Court needs all 9 Justices to ensure there are no ties in their decisions... adjudication.

    If Justice Ginsburg wanted to ensure her replacement on the SCOTUS would follow her judicial philosophy, she should have retired while Pres. Obama was President. However, Justice Ginsburg did not retire.  Instead, she chose to remain on the Court, to promote her judicial agenda on critical social and civil rights issues pending SCOTUS review.  She believed her remaining on the Court was more important than risking her seat going to a moderate Justice.

    It is now being reported that she made a 'death bed' request... that her seat remains open, until after the election, knowing that the Court may be called on to settle a disputed election. Understanding, that a Court with 8 justices, evenly divided philosophically, could lead to deadlock and throw the Nation into a serious Constitutional Crisis. She continues to be more concerned with promoting her judicial philosophy than securing the nation from a judicial crisis.

    • Not quite correct.  Since the founding there have been times when there were fewer judges on the court.  Can not cite these but believe was on another site during last confirmation.


    • The problem here is not the total number of justices ... it is that there is an even number and based on philosophical alignment there could be a 4 x 4 tie on important issues.. throwing the case back to the Appellate Court's decision.

    • you know your constitution my friend that's good keep up the good work.

  • Not sorry she is gone, she ahd all her life to make things right and only thought of her own agenda. I wonder if God was ever on her mind like He is now?

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