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On Thursday, the nation’s highest court ruled 7-2 that the federal government can deport illegal aliens, including those seeking "asylum," quickly and with only limited judicial review.

The ruling could "immediately" affect "tens of thousands" of illegals now present in the United States.

Every year -- since the Obama Administration added the undefined "credible fear of return" criteria, hundreds of thousands of illegal border crossers have fraudulently claimed asylum status. Nearly all -- an astonishing 98% -- are rejected, but under Obama nearly all were released into the U.S. while their case was decided.

Then despite the almost certain conclusion that they were rejected, the vast majority turned down simply never showed up for the hearing -- likely remaining inside the U.S. as illegal aliens since that date.

The Trump Administration rejected the Obama lenient approach and demand they be allowed to send these fraudsters back. Dozens of parties sued to stop it.

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  • Efforts are underway by powerful and politically influential interests in the US and overseas to:

    1.  mandate Covid 19 vaccinations for everyone on the planet which have not been tested on animals with fast-tracked, never-before-approved vaccines that can alter genes, or a which use tissue from aborted children; 

    2.  require 19 vaccination “passports” for employment, travel, or attendance of children at public or private schools; 

    3.  use cell phones to track vaccine or quarantine compliance.

    Citizens can still impact the outcome of these proposals.

    In two articles and podcasts,  I show citizens how to protect their rights, with in-depth research vetted by two physicians.

    Podcast Short Version:  Perilous Quest to Fast-track a Covid-19 Vaccine

    Podcast Long Version:  The Covid 19 Vaccine: Confusion, Difficulties, Dangers

    Print Version:  Perilous quest to fast-track a Covid-19 vaccine

    Print Version:   The Covid 19 Vaccine: Confusion, Difficulties, Dangers

    Hon. Bob Marshall
    (1992-2018 VA General Assembly)




    Summary: The Covid 19 Vaccine: Confusion, Difficulties, Dangers
    Efforts are underway by powerful and politically influential interests in the US and overseas to: Mandate Covid 19 vaccinations for everyone on the p…
  • it's about time.

  • The joke here is, that the left has been telling you for years that there are only 11 million illegals sucking on the teat of American welfare. Back in the 1990s the figure was 38 million illegals. Do you mean to tell me that 27 million went back to their shythole countries? No, I think since obama the number is closer to 45 to 50 million illegals.




    • Exactly correct - -there is NO question about that.

  • Deport all of the illegals immediately, especially the jihadi cunt lhan Abdullahi Omar...!


  • Now, let's send back Ilhan Omar for being the corrupt Somali sponge that she is!!!!

    • I agree with you 100%


  • What's the judiciary got to do with immigration?  I see NOTHING in Article III that gives them any jurisdiction. It should only be what Congress wrote and authorized, which is ICE. They should have authority under the President, who has final authority. That's what it looks like to me. 

  • Most illegal aliens are sponges -- soaking up our resources ... But our government fails to squeeze them to get some of the resources back.

    So, yes, send them all out.

    But because some will be needed to do stoop work that has not yet been mechanized or automated. For those relative few, we need an expanded guest worker program with strict rules & tight supervision.

    Once they're gone watch American blue collar wages go up! Watch sanctuary state/city costs go down. Benefit: every tax paying American could maybe keep more of his earnings and possibly, maybe, elements of government might begin paying down their public debt.

    Send them all out.

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