A mere week after a gunman tried to kill more than two dozen Republican senators, House members and staffers on an Alexandria baseball complex, FBI supervisors spoke to the press to deliver their verdicts.

James T. Hodgkinson’s gust of 70 rifle and handgun rounds, while positioned like a sniper behind the third base dugout and then on the move, was not terrorism, nor was it planned, they said at the June 21, 2017, briefing.

“At this point in the investigation, it appears more spontaneous,” said Timothy Slater, FBI special agent in charge of the Washington field office, in what proved to be the bureau’s public accounting.

By November, the FBI was ready to brief privately the more than a dozen Republicans who had gathered at sunrise that June 14 for the final practice before the annual congressional charity baseball game versus Democrats at Nationals Park.

The bottom line stunned the Hodgkinson-targeted lawmakers assembled in the U.S. Capitol visitors center.

Mr. Hodgkinson was committing “suicide by cop,” the FBI briefer said. In essence, the bureau had relegated the near-mass killings aimed at Washington’s legislative branch to a self-centered personal decision by a leftist activist from Illinois.

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  • It should be clear that the FBI and most Federal LEO's and their agencies need massive reforms... that the senior management must be replaced using individuals from outside the corrupt system now operating as our Law Enforcement agencies.  The DOJ needs all of its senior leaders replaced with carefully screened replacements from OUTSIDE THE DOJ. The Judicial system needs to be thoroughly examined for corruption and the JUDGES... every one of them... needs to be replaced with qualified citizens, from outside the circle of US Attorneys and counsels that regularly practice before the Federal Bar.

    The Federal Judiciary Act needs to be rewritten to clearly limit the jurisdiction of the Courts to the case in law before the Court... No more 'Stare Decisis' or legislation by Judicial fiat. The Court's judgments must only apply to the case before the Court.  All of the Courts orders and findings must apply only to the case before it and no further.  Let Congress decide if the law needs to be revised or struck down ... not the Court.  Expand the SCOTUS by creating 3 Divisions... a CRIMINAL, CIVIL, and SOVEREIGN Division, each Division served by 3 Justices, per court, with as many courts as Congress finds necessary to expedite justice. 

    Redefine and reauthorize the Federal District Courts ... Dissolve all the existing District and Appellate Courts, removing all the sitting justices, subject to new appointments.  Establish a term limit of 6 yrs maximum for each level of the Federal Judicial System (District, Appellate, and SCOTUS.  Establish clear limits on the Court's jurisdiction and affirm the limits placed on federal authority by the Constitution.  Require JURY TRIALS for all felonies as Constitutionally mandated, no more trial by judge.  Ensure, that the Jury has the power and authority to decide both the facts and the application of the law in all cases before the Court. It is time to return the arbitration of the law to JURIES and to remove the authority of Judges to use the judicial system to shape the Nation's social and government order.

    • Ronald, you're absolutely right about everything that need to be done. Unfortunately, until enough patriots are rallied to vote the current bunch of crooks out of office; the ruination of this nation shall continue beyond the point of saving. That's especially true, if procedures are not put in place prior to the 2022 midterm elections to prevent a recurrence of the widespread voter fraud that propelled them into power during the 2020 election.

  • The DOJ and FBI are the Keystone Cops whenever Dems are involved, but miraculously become Seal Team Six when it comes to patriotic Americans. The double standard is striking and offensive. Fact is, we simply can no longer trust our Justice Department. 

  • The FBI is done they have lost the trust of the American people Along with the DOJ and basically all the rest of the government After watching criminals destroy cities Buisness and gov buildings with no yes nothing done and then  the way they lied and went after American Patriots for protesting at the capitol over voter fraud that was ignored by them 

  • No wonder FBI officials are no longer trusted. This ludicrous and despicable response they gave as being the motive for thug Hodgkinson's action is irrefutable evidence of their bias against the Republican Party. And let’s not forget what James Comey did to save Hillary Clinton from prosecution, for having transmitted and received 110 classified emails via an unauthorized unsecure email system in her home of all places while serving as Secretary of State. Instead of charging her with gross negligence as mandated by law; he instead claimed she was extremely negligent, thereby leaving her eligible to enter the 2016 presidential election campaign. The corruptness in the top law enforcement agency in the nation is unmistakeable evidence that this nation is on a fast track to ruin.

  • All DOJ agencies and Deep State bureaucracies need to be purged from the top down. 

  • Enough is enough.  The FBI needs to be taken down and replaced from the bottom up.  We could hire back agents who have upheld the law, but definately anyone from middle to upper management has to go.  I would also say, the middle to upper management personnel should come from people in the red states - definately no Washington D.C. insiders.  They all see to be against the Constitution.  They violate their oaths over and over and over again.


  • One word: ridiculous. TexasLadyJuanita 

  • The FBI went off the rails as did the DOJ and IRS when Obama was in office .because he encouraged it .

    The only way to right those departments is to fire the top leadership layers of those departments and

    hire NEW people not  DEEP STATERS. 

  • It’s not a crime to insult intelligence. It’s no longer possible to slander or lie. This is the new world order where crimes are no longer a problem, unless one is Caucasian, male, pro life, Christian, straight, honest, unvaccinated or unmasked, or in any way happy.

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