A mere week after a gunman tried to kill more than two dozen Republican senators, House members and staffers on an Alexandria baseball complex, FBI supervisors spoke to the press to deliver their verdicts.

James T. Hodgkinson’s gust of 70 rifle and handgun rounds, while positioned like a sniper behind the third base dugout and then on the move, was not terrorism, nor was it planned, they said at the June 21, 2017, briefing.

“At this point in the investigation, it appears more spontaneous,” said Timothy Slater, FBI special agent in charge of the Washington field office, in what proved to be the bureau’s public accounting.

By November, the FBI was ready to brief privately the more than a dozen Republicans who had gathered at sunrise that June 14 for the final practice before the annual congressional charity baseball game versus Democrats at Nationals Park.

The bottom line stunned the Hodgkinson-targeted lawmakers assembled in the U.S. Capitol visitors center.

Mr. Hodgkinson was committing “suicide by cop,” the FBI briefer said. In essence, the bureau had relegated the near-mass killings aimed at Washington’s legislative branch to a self-centered personal decision by a leftist activist from Illinois.

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  • Yes,Jim L


  • YES!

  • Ever since Obama this country has gone downhill. I believe then, and I still believe that he has no good in him. I also truly believe he was born in Kenya. This is why I blame everything on him and still believe that he is still in control. He is the epitome of scum!! 

    • Jim, You're right. Obama's lies, broken promises, and condescending rhetoric towards citizens who complained about his policies, set the tone for systemic unscrupulous behavior existing throughout the Democratic Party's leadership heirchy today. As this nation's first president of color, he squandered the ultimate platform and opportunity to unite this nation more so than any in my 88-year lifetime.

  • Clean them out

  • IMHO the moment we got fraudbama out of the White House, there should have been a thorough "house cleaning" of ALL the alphabet agencies, from top to bottom and the need is even more apparent today.

  • The current admin of "ALL" investagory agencies, not only the FBI, need a "thourogh" house cleaning. While all this "infestation has been promoted since and with the Obama regime,it is safe to asume the first three layers of each organization needs to be scrubed. All members of each agency need their voting record exposed for review and evidence of loyalty to oath. To bad the "Firing Squad" is NO longer the only punishment for "traitors"!



    • I would go even further - I think all government agecnies need a house cleaning.


  • Replace everyone on the 7th floor of the FBI. That's where all of the corruption is!

    Bill Barr, the Attorney General, secretly and illegally searched through everything Rudy Guiliani, President Trump's personal attorney, had on his "cloud". TOTALLY WRONG!!!

  • All the gov agencies are totally corrupt

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