• Yeah send the staff and the teachers back to school to learn how NOT TO BE SHEEP

  • This All Starts at the "LOCAL" School Board-(then STATE LEVELS)-!!! If The "LOCAL" People Do NOT Take a STAND at "LOCAL" LEVELS- Then it all will happen-!!! NO STAND- GET WHAT THEY GIVE-!!!


  • Um.......No.

  • The students need to tell the school to stick it where the sun don't shin. Wear them if you want to or don't wear them.  Gov't is already too deep into our lives.  


  • When I came home from serving my country (USAF) in the 60's I was shocked at what was going on. Bella Absug leading a bunch of hippies and their allies down the streets of New York and people on the corners near Greenwich Village smoking pot. It was, as I saw it, the beginning of the radical anarchist movement in this country. And those people marching and smoking pot are now political leaders of our nation and the teachers in our colleges, high schools and even as low as kindergarden. Damn them all!

    Thankfully I went to a college that, at that time, did not teach the crap that was beginning to raise its ugly head in cities like NY, Chicago, SF, Philly, Detroit, etc.

    • You forgot Seattle & Portland! Both Sanctuary Shit Holes full if CCP CRAP!

  • Teachers should educate the students on how this country was form, by people who did not want the king to control their life and the many lives lost in wars to keep us free from a government control. The mask is a symbol of government control because it sure doesn't stop the virus.

  • I think Desantis needs to find a way to crack down on this school.  Maybe forcefully invite all the teachers and administrators to move to New York or California.

  • Re-education?  Hell, the leftist goup calling themselves "teachers" haven't even started educating our children in the first place.  How a "re-education" activity commence?

  • Glad all my kids are done with school.

    However my grandkids are not.

    This totally pisses me off

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