Conservative street artist Sabo has struck again and has mocked Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Kamala Harris.

Sabo first hit Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. The idea came him weeks ago and after texting a few friends for feedback, the response was very strong. “Enough laughed for me to want to do it,” he said on Facebook. “Not to mention I thought it was a pretty damn good idea.”

With the concept set, he then created art, got a round trip plane ticket and rented a car to scout locations. The Venice Beach basketball court was chosen for this one. “Three days and about a thousand bucks later at 3 am on a Sunday morning, we pulled it off in about 20 minutes.”

“The concept was down so … what it required was my creating and preparing the art, easy enough. Then came getting the round trip plane ticket, car rental, and place to stay worked out. Then came getting to the airport, scouting the location, getting a small crew together to help watch my back, because this might be a dangerous location crawling with homeless, violent drug addicts.

7928266258?profile=RESIZE_584xHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi was next.

7928274256?profile=RESIZE_400xread more here:

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  • very good

  • Great stuff..

  • Love it. We need a little humor now and then.

  • Dang, where's kamalas pic? Was really looking forward to it!

  • how about a photo of the cast of the tv show " the jeffersons " in which biden and kamala's heads are imposed on the willises


  • Priceless!

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