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    • Welcome to a socialist, communist Nation.

    • Don't give up so easily!  I don't know what a rally accomplishes but they haven't seen our anger and determination yet.  How many rounds do you have stashed?

    • Reports are that there are TRILLIONS of rounds stashed from coast to coast.   Make every one of them count.   One shot one kill.

      Sad that it has come to this, but ELECTION RIGGING IS TREASON.  If Leaders cannot or will not issue the punishment, it is incumbent upon citizens to do so.

      They've given us no choice.

      Snipers and small, sure attacks will achieve more than 'firefights' leading to arrests and taking patriots out of action.   Hit and run works.

    • Yes, small unit actions are the best... Recon companies and small teams in the Nam created more havoc on the enemy than many search and destroy missions... Their actions saved tens of thousands of lives by hit and run tactics on the Ho Chi Minh trail in Laos and Cambodia....SERE Training is a must for any Guerilla warrior....

    • Phil, the shooting hasn't started yet!!

    • And guess who'll be labeled as "The Bad Guys'' if it does start!

      NOT ANTIFA OR BLM!!! We have a brainwashed citizewnry here. We belong to China now.


    • Hey Phil,  If I'm called a bad guy for resisting communist rule, then so be it......

  • We must stand fast.  Do NOT accept this crime even if it means that the Dems want  a r m e d  conflict.

    • And, we should give it to them

    • We should,but won't.

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